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Faces a Choice

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For decades, first as a rank-and-file congresswoman and now as speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi has championed abortion as a “woman’s choice.” She rallies for the brutal killing of children until the moment of birth. She opposes even minimal limits, celebrates abortion perpetrators like Planned Parenthood and NARAL ProChoice, and urges an end to conscience protections and funding restrictions—all in the name of “choice.” But that’s not the end of it. Pelosi consistently defends and justifies her stance on abortion by invoking her Catholic faith, openly disavowing the Church’s clear and constant teaching that abortion is a grave moral evil.

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She Must Repent

Abortion’s Bed of Lies

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Decades ago, for seven years, I served in a college ministry in which I befriended, counseled, and prayed for countless female college students. I celebrated their wedding engagements, wept over their lost loves, walked them through mental health crises, and commiserated their many sexual regrets.

In all that time, I did not know one woman engaged in casual sex who could think of a meaningful reason she was doing it. Instead, when asked, “What is sex for?” most would look at me perplexed or, more often, slightly amused.

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