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U.S. Sovereignty

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Could a Chinese-style social credit system be coming to a town near you?

Last week, delegates from 194 countries gathered in Geneva, Switzerland, to attend the 75th World Health Assembly. These meetings are generally dry, technocratic events. But this year, delegates had something significant to discuss: an international pandemic treaty tied to a digital passport system. It will be another two years before the terms of this treaty are finalized. But the idea is to shift governing authority now reserved for sovereign states over to the World Health Organization (who) during future disease epidemics.

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Our world hasn’t changed when it comes to anti-Semitism.

The “World Council of Churches” (WCC) is accused by organizations and politicians of anti-Semitism, Germany’s Badische Neuste Nachrichten reported on May 21. In response, the council pointed to its 1948 founding documents that state, “Anti-Semitism is sin, against God and man.” Yet the WCC believes it is justified in demanding that Israel stop its “military occupation of Palestinian territory.” The WCC isn’t the only so-called “Christian” organization to blame the Jews for the conflict in the Middle East.

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California Republican Goes Full Ilhan Omar in Anti-Semitic Rant

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