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Putin’s Useful Idiots 

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Russia is funding green energy movements in Western nations in a deliberate attempt to keep Europe dependent on Russian oil and gas exports.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has demanded that European nations pay for natural gas in rubles, and many are complying with his demands. Gas distributors in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Slovakia are opening ruble accounts at Gazprombank in Switzerland to appease Russia. Bulgaria and Poland are still refusing Putin’s demands, but may not be able to do so for much longer. He has threatened to cut gas exports to any nations that refuses to pay in rubles while he sells their share of Russia’s gas to China instead. So, like many European nations, Poland and Romania have little choice but to submit to Russia if they want to heat their homes.

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Australian Election

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If Australia were a house, the curtains would be up in flames, the floorboards sizzling and snapping, smoke pluming from the windows, fire lapping at the stairs. Meanwhile, the residents—everyday Australians—have decided to water the garden.

This mentality best illustrates the outcome of Saturday’s federal election. With all the major, catastrophic, nation-destroying problems Australia is facing, the people chose to elect those who campaigned on climate change. Forget China’s regional belligerency. Forget rampant inflation. Forget the housing bubble, rising interest rates, or devastating supply chain issues. What the people want to solve is climate change. And they have overwhelmingly voted in the left-leaning parties to achieve it.

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