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CDC Caught Spying

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The Biden administration wants to track every move American citizens make.

United States is becoming a dystopian surveillance state. We recently found out that Joe Biden’s Federal Bureau of Investigation rummaged through the e-mails, text messages and electronic communications of 3.4 million Americans without a warrant in 2021. This figure represents a nearly threefold increase from President Donald Trump’s last year when the FBI conducted 1.3 million warrant-less searches. And the FBI is not the only government agency spying on Americans. According to newly released documents obtained by Motherboard, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention used location data from tens of millions of Americans’ phones to track compliance with covid-19 lockdown orders.

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Arab Takeover

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A Middle Eastern king calls for the capture of Jerusalem. From the Old City’s walls flies a banner glorifying jihad. Mosques are built to claim Haram al-Sharif for Islam. Infidels are commanded to leave. A clash is brewing between the Arabs and their Western opponents. It has the potential to spiral out of control and involve the whole world.

This isn’t a scene from the medieval crusades. This is happening right now in Israel. And the stakes are higher now than any time in the Middle Ages.

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