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Economic War

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Sanctions have hit consumers around the world, but perhaps benefited Russia.

The threat of sanctions was meant to stop Russian President Vladimir Putin from invading Ukraine. The imposed sanctions were intended to stop the Ukraine war. But as the war continues, Russia’s economy hasn’t collapsed. In fact, some fear the nation is doing better than before the sanctions. Russia hasn’t yet achieved military victory in Ukraine, but it appears to be wining the economic war.

The world has stood in solidarity with Ukraine. Around the world, people who were previously ignorant of Ukraine’s existence are now wearing its flag. Some have even boycotted Russian vodka. But most countries have continued their dependence on Russian gas and oil, paying even more for it.

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Bureaucrats prosecuting soccer moms are motivated by an anti-family spirit.

The very concept of family is under attack in America. Antifa terrorists firebombed the offices of a prominent pro-life lobby group in Wisconsin, while the Department of Justice did nothing. Attorney General Merrick Garland is more interested in shutting down parents who speak against critical race theory than prosecuting radical activists who destroy buildings and threaten those trying to defend unborn babies.

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Painful Inflation

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Inflation is painful. Suddenly we’re all paying more for fuel, electricity, food and almost everything else.

Inflation also has geopolitical implications. They’re not as immediately painful, so can be easy to ignore. But in the long term, these can come around and bite us too.

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