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Twitter Fiasco 

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The greatest threat Elon Musk poses to Twitter is not taking control of the platform for future purposes, but uncovering the previous inner workings of the entire ruse.

Musk estimates that fake accounts make up at least 20 percent of all Twitter users, exceeding the 5 percent Twitter reported to the U.S. Securities and Exchange. If Musk can prove his case — and a recent audit survey about the sum of fake followers suggests his case is strong — Twitter would face legal consequences.

Musk also has an opportunity to pull back the curtain on the foundation of lies that propelled Twitter to lead the most influential institutions in the country into a false reality.

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Tool Against Sanctions

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Signs that the dollar’s end is near.

The United States dollar is the world’s reserve currency. This means in the global market many of the world’s largest transactions have to be done in dollars. Control over this currency gives the U.S. the ability to pressure other nations. But its sanctions are losing some of their effectiveness because nations are developing new options for transactions. Cryptocurrencies are one of those options.

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Grade-School Groomers

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They’re teaching your child his LGBT’s.

A tragedy occurring in our classrooms for years has only recently been widely exposed. Teachers are teaching, preaching to and shaming students into learning about transgenderism and other deviant sexual propaganda. They’re doing it with teenagers and with children as young as 4 and 5.

Last month, Florida passed the Parental Rights in Education bill, banning public schools from teaching kindergartners through third graders about sexual orientation or gender identity. Why? Because administrators and teachers were feeding sexually deviant, sexually explicit propaganda to young children. Worse, they were deliberately hiding this from their parents. Floridian lawmakers said, “This must stop.”

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