Biggest Economic Crisis

The real national debt is $193 trillion when you tally up the unfunded liabilities.

One in five Americans believes inflation is the top economic crisis facing America. Yet the inflation rate will likely fall over the next few months as the Federal Reserve makes it expensive to borrow money. But the debt the federal government has accrued by mailing out covid-19 stimulus checks, welfare checks, Medicare checks, Medicaid checks and Social Security checks will plague the United States for the foreseeable future.

While sending $804 billion to low- and middle-income households via three rounds of covid-19 stimulus payments, the federal government spent all of its tax revenue on social welfare programs during the pandemic. Therefore, it had to borrow money to fund the military, run the government, and pay the interest on the national debt. This borrowing increased the national debt by more than $6 trillion.

Read more at “America’s Biggest Economic Crisis”

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