Spiritually Uncertain

The systematic plan to blot out God from Canada.

A new Angus Reid poll shows that a majority of Canadians have a negative perception of most religions in the country. The results are from two separate questionnaires in January and February of 2,998 people. The poll also revealed an unprecedented number of Canadians turning their backs on religion or identifying as “spiritually uncertain.”

“Many Canadians now believe Catholicism, evangelical Christianity and Islam are more damaging to society than beneficial, a new survey shows, as people across the country continue to turn their backs on religion,” wrote Global News. The pandemic accelerated the trend of Canadians abandoning religion. The federal and provincial governments classified churches as a “nonessential service” and many were closed during lockdowns. Even now several pastors face charges and sit in jail because they held a church service during the lockdowns or fed the homeless during a potluck.

Read more at “Majority of Canadians Spiritually Uncertain”

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