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The American War Party

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Some leftist commentators can barely conceal their enthusiasm for American involvement in the Ukraine war.

Russia’s war on Ukraine has, among many other things, highlighted a consequential, indeed historic, shift taking place in American politics with regard to foreign policy. 

A recent vote in the House of Representatives helps tell the tale. On April 28, Congress voted by an overwhelming majority of 417-10 to pass Republican Senator John Cornyn’s bill that would revive Lend Lease and apply it to Ukraine. 

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Joe Biden’s Sister

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Democrats are the party of abortions up to birth and infanticide, but Joe Biden’s sister claims Americans have it wrong and they’re actually the pro-life party.

That’s the crazy conclusion Valerie Biden Owens draws in her new book. “We should have been pro-life, for we are the ones advocating for a better life,” she claimed, even though Democrats advocate for no life for the 63 million babies killed in abortions.

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