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Pretty Gross

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As Beltway institutions cut ties with Chinese Communist Party front groups, a group of former congressmen has kept a close relationship with a think tank that oversees Beijing’s foreign influence efforts.

The Association of Former Members of Congress, a networking hub for former lawmakers, has hosted multiple events since 2020 for the China-United States Exchange Foundation, the CCP’s leading foreign influence think tank. The Exchange Foundation sponsors the association’s annual awards gala, which will be held next month, and it has worked hand-in-glove with the Exchange Foundation’s lobbyist to host policy events where pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong have been blamed on “foreign forces” and the United States has been accused of directing “vitriol” toward China.

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Militarize the Metaverse

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Superpower rivalry extending to the virtual realm where US has a tech edge but China believes it is culturally superior.

In yet another realm of US-China rivalry, both superpowers are treating the emerging metaverse as a contested military domain.

The metaverse is a digital, parallel world created thanks to developments in the internet, virtual reality, networking technologies and augmented reality, to name but a few of its technological enablers. Currently, there is no single unified metaverse but rather fragmentation of multiple metaverses created by various companies and programmers.

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