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Free Speech on Twitter

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Last week a great blow was struck for online freedom. Billionaire Elon Musk bought Twitter. Liberals around the world have clenched their pearls as Musk promises to bring the once cherished principle of freedom of speech to the platform.

But his task may not be so easy. It’s not just Twitter’s governance that wants to restrict what can be said on Twitter. Other very powerful forces also want to control what is said online.

At the same time that Musk was putting in his bid for Twitter, the European Union agreed on outlines for its Digital Services Act, which would create a new European bureaucracy able to police what is said online, with a global reach.

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Lethal Threat to America 

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The left says it’s white supremacy. The truth is far worse.

Frank Robert James, a 62-year-old black man, is the suspected New York City subway shooter. In almost all reports, the media tiptoed around identifying his race. He was almost universally described only as an “individual” in a green vest with a gas mask. In a nearly 2,000-word article about the attack, the New York Times didn’t mention his race once. CNN barely did better, calling him a “black gentleman.” This in regard to the man who detonated two smoke bombs before firing 33 times into a crowded train car. He managed to shoot 10 people before his gun jammed two minutes into his shooting spree.

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