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Junk-Food Hangover

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Do you wake up feeling terrible? This could be caused by a number of factors, but the first thing to look at should be the food you eat. You might be experiencing a “junk-food hangover,” a compelling reminder that we are what we eat.

Junk food is available everywhere, from convenience stores to drive-troughs to restaurants to supermarkets. Once you let your appetite override your discipline and bring these salty, sickly sweet, rancid trans fats-loaded products to your car, table or home, it’s only a matter of time before you consume them and experience their definite effects.

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Shrinking Navy

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Joe Biden may be increasing American defense spending, but not enough to save the U.S. Navy.

As Russian President Vladimir Putin ratcheted up the battle for control of eastern Ukraine, Joe Biden asked America’s Congress for an $813 billion defense budget next year. This budget is 10 percent larger than the current defense budget. Yet this increase is barely enough to keep pace with inflation. So, the United States Navy will continue on its trajectory toward a smaller fleet. Biden wants to spend 22 percent of next year’s defense budget on the Navy, giving the Navy enough resources to build nine new battleships while retiring 24 old battleships.

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