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The System

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Master song crafter Tom MacDonald is back with another sharp-tongued musical body-blow to everything that’s wrong in society. “The System” lashes out at social media bias, public education, warmongers, societal division, and gender issues.

If you like what Tom is doing, consider picking up his music from iTunes HERE. MacDonald has a ton of other songs like “New World Order”, “In God We Trust”, “Coronavirus” and more on his YouTube channel.

What’s up everyone!? Feels like it’s been forever since I dropped a solo video! BUT… “The System” is here and I think it’s NEXT LEVEL! I’m sorry I disappeared for so long…but I’m back now…and I’m not going anywhere!

PLEASE help me out with this one y’all. It’s my FIRST SOLO VIDEO OF THE YEAR…We have to make an impact!!! Since I did “The Brave” album…all of my social media accounts have been shadow banned =(So, I really need you guys to share the video absolutely everywhere. Download the song on iTunes. Put it on your Facebook. Your Instagram’s. Everything you can will help!

OH YEAH!!! If you got a text message from me today – IT’S NOT A SCAM! It’s actually me. Since social media started messing with my profiles…I’m trying to cut them out entirely. I’m trying to find a more direct route to you guys! And texting is the answer. ANYWAY…

I love y’all so much, It’s Hang Over Gang ’till the earth ends…


Poultry Industry

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This crisis may become the most expensive animal health disaster in U.S. history.

A pandemic is ravaging the United States. From Maine to Wyoming, contagious bird flu has swept across farms and forests, killing chickens, ducks, turkeys and more than 40 varieties of wild birds. This pandemic has been particularly hard on poultry farmers, who have lost more than 24 million chickens and turkeys to this new strain of avian influenza. That is nearly 4 percent of all the domestic chickens and turkeys in the nation. So it is little wonder the price of chicken meat has doubled from a year ago while the costs of chicken eggs have hit an all-time high.

Read more at “Poultry Industry Devastated by Bird Flu”

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