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The Real Fake President 

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Joe Biden wanders aimlessly offstage as Barack Obama takes the spotlight.

Barack Obama was back at the White House last week. This was the first time since his presidency that he has returned to the halls of power in person. He was there at Joe Biden’s invitation, ostensibly to celebrate the 12-year anniversary of the “Affordable Care Act.” But there was clearly a lot more going on than the commemoration of a socialist law that is now largely defunct.

Obama, with Biden as his vice president, pushed through the act, also known as “Obamacare”, two years into his scandal-ridden presidency. That landmark law, which the Supreme Court upheld as a form of “tax,” forced all American citizens into a socialist health-care program. It massively increased the government’s control over the health-care industry and paved the way for the eventual merger of Big Government with Big Pharma.

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