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Memorial Day 2022

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“Heroes never die. They live on forever in the hearts and minds of those who would follow in their footsteps.” — Emily Potter

We hope you take a moment to honor and remember the service members in your life this Memorial Day, and if you or your loved ones have served, we are deeply grateful for your service.

“No arsenal of weapons is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women. We are Americans.” President Ronald Reagan.

Biggest Cover Up 

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The Trudeau government’s treasonous corruption is being exposed.

Never has a Canadian government lied so brazenly to the faces of the Canadian people. Nearly every claim made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about the “Freedom Convoy” and why he needed to invoke the Emergencies Act has been contradicted by direct evidence.

When the hundreds of truckers and the thousands of Canadians in the Freedom Convoy descended on Ottawa, it was an unprecedented rebuke of the Trudeau government’s vaccine mandates and travel restrictions. After two years of emergency public health orders that violated civil liberties, Canadians were demanding an end to the abuse of federal and provincial authority. This sparked similar protests all over the world.

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Russia and America 

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New think tank survey shows mainland Chinese support Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and frown broadly on the US.

A new survey of over 3,000 mainland Chinese respondents shows that public perceptions of Russia have improved over the past three years, with Russia now being the country the Chinese public now favors the most, closely followed by Pakistan. 

The survey, which was conducted by the Central European Institute of Asian Studies think tank in March after the Russian invasion of Ukraine and released on May 12, suggests the Chinese public largely supports Moscow’s aggression, while public views about the US have significantly worsened in recent years, according to the survey’s organizers. 

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Canadian Military

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The #MeToo movement has been used to create a leadership crisis.

The Canadian military is facing a crisis of leadership. In a span of 18 months, over a dozen of the most senior members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) have been dismissed, placed on leave, or charged due to an explosion of sexual misconduct allegations. This #MeToo movement that has swept through the armed forces has triggered radical changes within the military. Some of these changes are much needed, and many guilty of sexual misconduct are being brought to justice. However, the evidence shows that the prime minister’s office and the CAF have known about many of these allegations for years.

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Guns don’t pull their own triggers 

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Something that’s happened repeatedly throughout the year in the United States is mass shootings.

It started with Parkland, Florida, when a former student brought a gun and started shooting inside of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, leaving 17 people dead. Shortly after that, in May, there was another mass shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, at Santa Fe High School, leaving 10 people dead. A couple of weeks ago there was another in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at a Jewish synagogue, where 11 more innocent lives were taken. Just this past Wednesday night, another mass shooting occurred in Thousand Oaks, California, killing 12 people and injuring many more at a bar.

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Chinese Dissident 

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The Department of Justice (DOJ) charged a human rights activist in Queens with spying on Chinese dissidents, according to a DOJ announcement Wednesday.

Authorities charged Wang Shujun, 73, of Queens, New York City with “conspiracy and other charges related to an espionage and transnational repression scheme,” the DOJ announcement stated. The DOJ also charged Wang’s four alleged China-based Ministry of State Security (MSS) handlers with the same crimes; however, these individuals remain at large, according to the DOJ.

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Roe v. Wade Protester

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The radical left is trying to generate a firestorm that will frighten a justice into changing his or her vote before the court publishes its majority opinion.

Both pro-life and pro-abortion demonstrators gathered at the steps of the Supreme Court on May 2 as tensions rose following the leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion overturning the Roe v. Wade” decision. It only took an hour for a crowd of pro-abortion demonstrators to gather outside the Marble Palace after Politico published the opinion. A smaller group of pro-life demonstrators opposed the pro-abortion crowd. Still, it took a few days for the situation to get violent.

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Disney & Twitter

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To save America, Americans must finally realize that culture trumps politics.

Conservatives expend significant effort trying to get Republicans into political offices. Progressives expend even more effort trying to get Democrats into corporate media positions and on public school boards. This is a big reason why today’s conservative politicians sound like liberals from 20 years ago. Conservatives are losing the culture wars because they have largely surrendered their children’s education to Marxist education professionals.

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Iraqi Kurds

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How long until Iranian pressure exhausts the remaining opposition in Iraq?

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) launched six missiles from Iran’s Nineveh province into Iraq’s Kurdistan region on May 1, setting fire to an oil refinery and striking several other buildings. Iranian attacks are more and more frequent, and neither Iraq nor the United States are stopping them.

Rockets had fallen near the same refinery on April 6, and another attack on March 13 saw 12 missiles slam into the city of Erbil just after midnight. The March 13 strike also targeted a farm owned by wealthy Kurdish businessman Baz Karim Barzinji, whose oil extraction is a lifeline for the region’s economy.

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Culture War

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Radical leftists don’t want a “may-the-best-facts-win” debate. They want power.

The culture war is now an open nationwide conflict. Revolutionaries have captured and consolidated power over news media and social media. They are using that power to smash tradition, religion, history, family, childhood and even biology, rebelling against reality itself. And they are using their power to censor people who oppose them.

Now they are striking against the very existence of free speech.

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