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Economic Crisis

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Sri Lanka is broken. Thousands queue daily outside petrol pumps for their ration of four gallons of fuel. Armed police, by law, guard each pump, stopping fights. Lined up for eight hours in the heat of the day leads to frayed tempers. Some have even died while queuing.

Fuel prices have doubled. Vegetables are now five times more expensive than last year. Rice is up 30 percent. People have a choice: Shop at a private supermarket, or spend all day in the queue at a government-run shop, where prices are three to four times lower.

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About Vladimir Putin 

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The world has been shocked by the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Authorities are still uncovering bodies, many of them tortured, in the area around Kyiv. But if people really understood the background of this man, they would not be surprised.

Russia is a rival power to the United States. It fought America in the Cold War, and its socialist ideology has infiltrated American universities, news corporations, government and culture since the 1960s. It is also a major antagonist toward Eastern Europe and Europe as a whole, which America has treated as its allies. And it is not afraid to assault nations like Georgia, Ukraine or Syria. Its nuclear arsenal and delivery systems rival those of the United States.

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Evil Origin of Covid

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Dr. Bryan Ardis just broke terrifying information regarding the origin of COVID 19, Remdesivir, the mRNA technology, and the mechanism driving the Pandemic. The implications are earth shattering.

What if NOTHING we were told was true? What if the proof has been right in front of us the entire time? What if COVID was never a virus to begin with? Dr. Bryan Ardis joins us live to shine light on the truth that may have been hidden right under our noses since the beginning.
May God Bless the people of the earth.

UN Has Failed

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“Where is the peace that the United Nations was created to guarantee?” asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy at a UN Security Council meeting last week.

It’s a good question. Around 1,200 civilian bodies have been found in towns around Kyiv—many of them not killed during fighting but deliberately murdered afterward. Some of them were tortured.

On April 8, a Russian missile hit a railway station as Ukrainian civilians tried to evacuate the region. At least 50 were killed. Yet throughout the whole Ukraine conflict, the United Nations has been irrelevant.

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The Narco Riviera 

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The demand for drugs is devastating Mexico’s tourist utopia.

Peppered throughout the humid jungles of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, near the border with Belize, are the centuries-old decaying skeletons of civilizations. The Mayan civilization, which flourished in Central America hundreds of years ago, now exists in ruins (though millions of their descendants are still around). One of the grandest of these ruins is Chichen Itza. Its famous stepped pyramid and the court for the Maya ball game are now playgrounds for curious tourists.

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Doing without the Dollar  

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Pessimism used to be for monetary cranks; now even Goldman Sachs warns the dollar will go the way of the pound.

The staggering sum of US$18 trillion – nearly equal to a year’s gross domestic product (GDP) – is the amount that the United States has taken in from foreigners since the Great Financial Crisis of 2008.

The notion that the dollar’s dominance in world finance might come to an end was a fringe view only five years ago when America’s net foreign investment position was a mere negative $8 trillion. Now one reads forecasts of the end of the dollar era in research reports by Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse.

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Gay Surrogacy

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Dave Rubin, the popular pundit for the conservative network BlazeTV, recently announced that he and his “husband,” David Janet, were using surrogacy to obtain two children.

When I saw that even some faithful Christians were celebrating this news, I knew it was time for a gut check. Let’s bring faith and reason to the table and look at how many deadly sins are committed when “married” homosexual men rent the wombs of surrogates to procure babies for themselves.

I count at least ten. 

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Gun Violence

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The only way to find the solution is to identify the real underlying cause.

Six people were killed and 12 more were wounded in a mass shooting in downtown Sacramento, California, on April 3. It matched the deadliest mass shooting of the year, and it was the worst in Sacramento’s history—but not by much.

There have been other mass shootings already this year, totaling to at least 108 so far. In February, a man shot and killed four people, three of which were his daughters, before killing himself in suburban Sacramento. In one weekend, nine mass shootings took place across seven American states between March 18 and 20. Eight people were killed and 60 were injured.

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America’s Economy

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Why Joe Biden’s budget will bankrupt the United States.

The Roman Empire fell when the state could no longer obtain sufficient resources through taxation and was forced to debase its currency to raise revenue. The tax reforms of Diocletian in the third century were so draconian that many landowners were driven to bankruptcy, as those living off welfare became more numerous than those paying taxes. Historian Robert Adams summarizes this catastrophic state of affairs in his book Decadent Societies”, saying that “by the fifth century, men were ready to abandon civilization itself in order to escape the fearful load of taxes.”

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Escalation in Ukraine

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Because of the US president’s recent remarks, it is likely that this conflict will drag on.

On Friday, reports began emanating from Russia’s military command that they were changing the objectives of what many Western analysts claim has been Moscow’s flagging invasion of Ukraine.

Whether or not the West’s instant claims that Russia had failed at the outset of its illegal invasion of its proto-democratic neighbor Ukraine, the fact remained that Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin, was clearly under political pressure to succeed in Ukraine as quickly as possible.

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