Changing World

Our world has never changed so dramatically so rapidly. Leaders in politics, business, education and media are ignoring the law, violating freedoms, and enforcing radical policies on unwilling people. They are turning coronavirus, the environment, race and other issues into weapons for forcing through their agenda. This is already affecting all of us—but believe it or not, much worse is coming.

In this process, the true agenda of the radical elites is being unmasked. This is not incompetence. This is not a good-faith attempt to improve people’s lives. This is an intentional agenda from an evil motive to deliberately destroy what little good is left in our societies. Many of our leaders hate the principles that many of us cherish: free and fair elections; rule of law; honoring law enforcement; schools respecting parents and protecting the innocence of children; harmony among races; marriage and family; individual liberty; human dignity; freedom of thought, speech and religion.

Read more at “Why Your World Is Changing So Suddenly“

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