Nutritional Biochemistry

This one’s about nutritional biochemistry, the first category of tactics, and I’ve made it available only to the people who’ve signed up to hear from me via email. You’ll see in a moment why I used the term “nutritional biochemistry,” rather than “diets” or some other shorthand.

There’s a massive volume of research on dietary restriction, caloric restriction, time-restricted feeding, and intermittent fasting, and I’ve synthesized it down to an 8-minute walk-through on how I think about nutrition and fasting—and why the question, “Which diet works best?” (or similar) is simply the wrong question to ask.

I sketch out a complete picture of nutritional biochemistry that I come back to again and again with patients in my private practice; an approach that combines what you eat with how much you eat and when you eat.

I also explain why the Standard American Diet (aptly abbreviated “SAD”) has been optimized for all the wrong outcomes—and how it’s literally become a (slow) killing machine.

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