Abortion and Covid Vaccines 

Two individuals made the covid vaccine possible: They are called hek-293 and per.C6. These are the names for two real human beings. At least, those are the only names we know them by now. Why is that? Because both of these babies were aborted and never given real names. In fact, hek-293 and per.C6 are the names of perhaps hundreds of babies that were aborted, dissected, and used for medical research.

Here is their story. (It contains from pretty graphic descriptions of what happened to these aborted babies. Continue reading at your own discretion.)

All covid vaccines required the use of fetal cell lines in the development of the vaccine or were used to test the efficacy of the vaccine. The facts of how they acquire and use the cells are gruesome, disturbing, and heart wrenching, but it is the truth.

hek-293 and per.C6 refer to the specific cell lines scientists have created using cells harvested from aborted fetuses. Both cell lines were created from tissue gathered by Dr. Alex van der Eb in the Netherlands.

Read more at “The Disturbing Link Between Abortion and COVID Vaccines”

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