Nazi Underground

Ten years ago today, the National Socialist Underground was exposed. The NSU officially refers to a neo-Nazi terrorist group that committed 10 murders between 2000 and 2007. They killed people, robbed banks, and threatened people for years without being detected by investigators. Yet as Germany’s N-TV wrote, “Ten years later, questions remain unanswered, and new right-wing extremist acts are more likely than ever.”

The “Nazi Underground” is becoming deadlier, yet authorities are declining to call a spade a spade. Is this a coincidence? Three members of the NSU killed nine and wounded several more before they were arrested in 2011. Additionally, they intimidated opponents while investigators looked the other way. This went on for years. Deutsche Welle noted on today’s anniversary: “Such an existence over a long period of time was only possible because the three had plenty of supporters and sympathizers across Germany. Four of them were prosecuted as accomplices and given sentences of varying lengths. Yet this circumstance alone disproves—in a grotesque manner—the prosecution’s untenable default theory of the ‘NSU trio.’”

Read more at “10 Years On—the Nazi Underground Is Thriving More Than Ever”

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