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Uncle Tim’s Cabin

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Book Summary:

“Uncle Tim’s Cabin” is the story of a gay tech CEO, affectionately called “Uncle Tim” by everyone, enslaved in capitalist American. He struggles to get by, living in a tiny mansion, and forced to work all day making luxury goods for his capitalist overseers. He is wise and loved by everyone, even his owners. His outlook is hopeful and he is buoyed by his unwavering faith in socialism, despite his miserable existence. When his owners face hard times and must sell him to a new master, Chairman Xi, his difficult life becomes even worse and his moral compass spins wildly out of control in his new home. Will he disavow his belief in socialism after Chairman Xi makes it his goal to stamp out that faith?

Book Review:

The book suffers from pacing and slow plot development. The biggest complaint is believability, however. How can someone’s faith in socialism stay strong when they are living in an area that demonstrates its worst characteristics of torture and destruction of the basic human desire for freedom? It isn’t realistic: anyone seeing the problems in Xi’s PRC plantation and witnessing the horrors inflicted on everyone therein would flee as soon as they are able. In the story, “Uncle Tim” stays and is unconcerned. That makes no sense: anyone who cares at all about his fellow man wouldn’t act that way. He would have to be some kind of monster, blind to everything except money to stay.

Tim Cook Claims Apple Stands Up Against Human Rights Abuses in China

Terrorist No One Will Talk About

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Imagine if a United States congressman had been murdered in the January 6 protests. I know it’s absurd; it wasn’t that kind of crowd, but bear with me. Fox News would be shut down, Donald Trump would probably have been designated a terrorist, and anyone who ever said anything vaguely right wing on social media would be under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Here in the United Kingdom, a member of Parliament was stabbed to death in broad daylight while meeting with his constituents on October 15. Ali Harbi tabbed Sir David Amess 17 times in what news reports called a “frenzied attack.”

The attack has, rightly, generated a lot of outrage and calls for action. But almost no one is talking about the “ideology” behind the attack. The U.S. is heading in a similar direction, where the mainstream media is covering up what might have been a failed terrorist attack on a U.S. airliner. The contrast with January 6 couldn’t be starker.

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