U.S. Military Equipment

Iran’s military is getting an upgrade courtesy of the United States-armed Taliban. In images that surfaced on social media, a convoy of flatbed trucks carrying American Humvees and lightly armored ambush-resistant vehicles were stopped at the Semnan-Garmsar road police station. The Semnan-Garmsar road runs between the Afghanistan border and Tehran.

BBC’s Kian Sharifi wrote on Twitter, “What I am certain of is that those are Humvees and that is an Iranian road.” pic.twitter.com/QoSnTH5oT0 — Kian Sharifi (@KianSharifi) September 1, 2021

An Iranian Telegram channel that covers military stories has released these “exclusive” images that purportedly show Humvees and other military vehicles spotted on the Semnan-Garmsar road in #Iran.

Popular Iranian social media platform the Telegram Channel claimed Iran had also taken possession of American tanks.

Read more at “Iran Receives Abandoned U.S. Military Equipment”

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