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Intelligence Report

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The first human infection with covid-19 was most likely the result of a laboratory associated incident.” So says an August 27 report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. When the pandemic began, the origins of the disease were shrouded in mystery. Most pointed to a Wuhan wet market as the place where an animal virus made the jump and first infected a human.

But over the last several months, there has been an avalanche of evidence that the pandemic was created in a test tube. Now, even the left-leaning federal intelligence agencies are changing their tune. According to the report, four agencies and the National Intelligence Council assert low confidence that the coronavirus originated from animals. Other agencies did not make an assessment either way.

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U.S. Military Equipment

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Iran’s military is getting an upgrade courtesy of the United States-armed Taliban. In images that surfaced on social media, a convoy of flatbed trucks carrying American Humvees and lightly armored ambush-resistant vehicles were stopped at the Semnan-Garmsar road police station. The Semnan-Garmsar road runs between the Afghanistan border and Tehran.

BBC’s Kian Sharifi wrote on Twitter, “What I am certain of is that those are Humvees and that is an Iranian road.” — Kian Sharifi (@KianSharifi) September 1, 2021

An Iranian Telegram channel that covers military stories has released these “exclusive” images that purportedly show Humvees and other military vehicles spotted on the Semnan-Garmsar road in #Iran.

Popular Iranian social media platform the Telegram Channel claimed Iran had also taken possession of American tanks.

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