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Rising Prices, Empty Shelves

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If you’ve shopped recently, you’ve noticed that food prices are soaring and grocery store shelves are empty. Want steak this weekend? The price of beef has shot up 12 percent in the past year. Want to settle for a roast chicken instead? The price of poultry is up 7 percent. Considering giving up meat altogether? Canned vegetables are up 6 percent. In fact, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that a family of four is likely to spend about $500 more on groceries this year than last year.

Many of the cheaper food items on store shelves cannot even be found anymore. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren recently reported that 16 percent of beverages, 14 percent of snack foods, and 13 percent of frozen items are out of stock.

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Joe Biden’s Saigon 

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“Can Joe Biden save the world?” That’s what an interviewer asked Biden during his second campaign for president in 2008. He answered without hesitation: “Yes.” He failed to win enough votes in 1988, in 2008 and in 2020, but on the third attempt, his campaign seized power regardless. “Fraud-In-Chief” Joe Biden now has what he has desired for decades: “the power to change the world.” With it, he has created a catastrophe worse than the fall of Saigon.

And now it’s official. The United States military declared its withdrawal complete with a Marine general announcing that the last U.S. plane had departed Afghanistan. Dozens or hundreds of Americans are still there. Thousands of Afghan allies are still there. And so is a radical Taliban regime more powerful than it was when the first U.S. troops arrived 20 years ago. August 31, 2021, is a date that will live in infamy.

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