Nuclear Arsenal 

The Biden administration just left $85 billion in advanced weaponry to a group of terrorists with designs on the world’s sixth-largest nuclear arsenal.

Just days after the Taliban sacked Kabul, a Taliban flag was flying above a mosque in Pakistan’s capital. The clerics running the mosque intended this gesture to spite the defeated Americans and encourage the Taliban. This may seem strange considering Pakistan was ostensibly an American ally in the war against the Taliban. But Pakistan’s government is soft on Islamic extremism, since a large number of Pakistan’s 200 million people are Jihadis or Jihadi sympathizers.

A poll of 2,400 people conducted by Gallup Pakistan revealed that 55 percent of Pakistanis are happy the Taliban took over Afghanistan. Now that the Taliban has almost $85 billion in American weaponry, many defense experts feel that these weapons may soon be used in terrorist operations in Pakistan and India. Former United States National Security Adviser John Bolton is even warning that terrorists may soon seize control of Pakistan and its 160 nuclear warheads.

Read more at Taliban Victory Increases Risk Terrorists Will Seize Pakistan’s Nuclear Warheads

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