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Witchcraft Burning

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The “Home Birth Cord Burning Ceremony” is yet another stunning illustration of the “Witchcraft and Sorcery” mentioned in the Bible.

“I chose to have this Home Birth Cord Burning Ceremony as a tribute to my ancestors, to reestablish the traditions of the granny midwives, to seal the power, intimacy and magic from the labor and delivery with all of the energy from everyone present while protected by all of our ancestors.”

What, “witchcraft” you say? Yep.

Have you noticed how much of an inroad being made by “witchcraft” these days? And don’t give me that “white” witchcraft nonsense, there is no such thing as “good” witchcraft, it is all anti-God and it glorifies Satan. All witchcraft is bad.

All people are religious by nature, meaning we are built to worship “something”, even if it’s our own intellect. So people who reject God need an object upon which to administer worship, with most of the world’s lost and unsaved people worshiping the earth itself.

Funny thing, though, how many burning ceremonies that lost people have. Fire and flames are always associated with judgment, hell and the lake of fire in the Bible. The Mafia “burns a card” of a Catholic saint, the Masons have their “burning sands” ritual, Catholics “burn candles” and occultists engage in events like “Burning Man” and other satanic indulgences. New Age witches “burn sage” and now “umbilical cords” in their efforts to become “one with the world.”

The following was taken from an Instagram channel called “Healthier Moms”, devoted to pregnancy and postpartum, headed by a medical doctor and with just under 1 million followers.

“Traditionally as a people we burn not cut the umbilical cord as it is less traumatic spiritual when disconnecting baby and the placenta. The ceremony also slows things down in after birthing space to create a deeper intimacy with everyone present. Each person holding candles set intentions for the baby and mother. With this being my last pregnancy I want to also seal this chapter of my life with love and gratitude. I am so grateful to my midwife @amothersworth for supporting me with wanting to do this ceremony. I am grateful to @nicole hamic for capturing these pure moments. It is so important for black birth and traditions to be archived and shared. There is so much beauty and knowledge that has yet to be seen. I want my fellow Queen Sisters/Mothers to know that they can birth the way they want, they have the power to birth safely and to advocate for themselves by listening to their inner voice and trust their bodies.”

If you’re not careful, you just might achieve your goal. 2 Peter 3:10-13 will tell you all about what will happen to this old world. Witchcraft is much more widespread than you might think, you see it in the Green Movement, Gaia, and even yoga.

“The rest of mankind who were not killed by these plagues still did not repent of the work of their hands; they did not stop worshiping demons, and idols of gold, silver, bronze, stone and wood—idols that cannot see or hear or walk. Nor did they repent of their murders, their magic arts, their sexual immorality or their thefts.” (Revelation 9:20-21)


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The two most powerful Catholics in the world just discussed two of the most dangerous issues in the world. These issues are dangerous because they are being exploited by powerful people.

Joe Biden visited Pope Francis at the Vatican on October 29. We don’t know exactly what was said; even before the two greeted each other, the Vatican ordered all cameras turned off. But it has emerged that they discussed two issues that elites have exploited more than any other: the climate and covid-19.

Biden and those behind him, including Barack Obama, are already trillions of dollars deep into leveraging these concerns to fundamentally transform the United States. Their infamous Build Back Better plan spends $555 billion on new grants and loans to entice or force businesses and consumers to switch to energy technologies like wind and solar power. This is the most significant climate bill in history, so Biden is eager to use it to bolster his status at the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland. He, Obama, Prince Charles, activist Greta Thunberg and roughly 25,000 other attendees are being hosted by the United Kingdom and Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Read more at “Blackout: Your Energy Supplies and Your Rights Are Fading Fast”

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