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Rittenhouse Trial

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Riots burned in cities across America in the summer of 2020. In August, rioters began burning down Kenosha, Wisconsin. Police declined to stop them. On day three, August 25, Kyle Rittenhouse drove from a couple of towns over. The 17-year-old was involved in his community and had worked in Kenosha as a lifeguard, and his father lived there. Like some of the others out that night, he carried a firearm. He cleaned graffiti, carried medical supplies, and tried to deter rioters from destroying. Close to midnight a man began chasing him. When the man closed to within a few feet, a gunshot went off in the same parking lot. Rittenhouse began to turn, the man lunged, and Rittenhouse shot four times in less than a second, killing him.

Rittenhouse headed through the crowds toward the police line. People shouted that he had shot someone. Some yelled for him to be attacked. At least one person struck him. He fell to the street. In the next 10 seconds, a man tried to jump on him; another man struck him in the head with a skateboard and reached for his rifle; a third man within about four feet raised his hands then dropped them, pointing a loaded pistol at point-blank range; and a fourth man raised his hands. Rittenhouse shot only the man grabbing the rifle (fatally) and the man pointing the pistol (non-fatally). Rittenhouse then went to police to put himself into custody.

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An Open Letter To Kyle Rittenhouse

Economic Sabotage

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The historic “stolen election of 2020” re-energized America’s decision to collectivize our economy so as to be true to our democratic principles and equitable in it’s distribution. Unfortunately the will of the American people is being attacked by “economic saboteurs” who’ve decided to wage war against the workers of our country and destroy the collectivization of our economy.

Today as a first step to bring these economic saboteurs to justice I sent this letter to the head of the FTC:

“Fraud-in-Chief” Joe Biden pledges to bring to justice all the “economic enemies” who are trying to destroy America’s future by causing inflation and economic turmoil to our country. These saboteurs will not win on his and Kamala Harris watchful eyes.

I applaud their efforts to rein in Global Warming, and agree with all Deplorables that those efforts cannot possibly have anything to do with fuel prices.

This reminds me of of Jimmy Carter’s 70s: “when Iran was calling the shots and threatening Americans with extinction, gas lines were interminable and hyperinflation a fact of life.”  You know, the good old days before we even had electric cars so it was harder to pretend we didn’t need fossil fuels at all.

Jimmy did his best, in his “Crisis of Confidence Speech” to convince us we could if we all just put on a sweater and turned the thermostat down. Yep, the 70s were pretty much a disaster, economy wise.

But honestly, if “Fraud-In-Chief” Joe Biden wants to switch up his “Build Back Better” slogan (BBB) which he should because it’s silly and just calls to mind archaic “Better Business Bureau”, I think he should recycle one from his previous administration.

Like Obama’s honest to goodness real, albeit short-lived, slogan of “Win The Future” is proof that Democrats can’t meme.

Or can they? 

Transitory Inflation? Not With Joe in Charge

So how’s that Plan Working for the Dems?

Something very peculiar is happening with our Strategic Petroleum Reserve

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