The End of Britain

This coming February 6, Elizabeth II will have been Queen for 70 years. She’s the longest-reigning ruler in British history and in the world today. She has been a remarkable example of class, duty and service to her people. Sadly, she represents an era in British history that is virtually gone. And she is now 95 years old. Recent health issues have kept her from public engagements. Many people are concerned.

“The Queen is an irreplaceable constant in the life of the British nation,” British journalist Melanie Phillips wrote. “Her public appearances aren’t just the exercise of her role as the symbol of the nation. As so many feel so viscerally, she is the nation. With her unrivaled sense of duty, her stoicism and her emotional restraint, many see in the Queen the embodiment of a Britain whose cultural identity is inexorably fraying. Many feel in their bones that when the Queen eventually passes, Britain will just not be the same. Despite the fact that the monarchy will continue, something of infinite value will have been lost.”

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One Response to “The End of Britain”

  1. I have great respect for Queen Elizabeth II. Taking a role she did not want, and owned it. Herself, Churchill, Thatcher, all giants of the UK. I will be sad when she does step down, because it will mark the end of a part of history the world can’t afford to lose. Prince Charles is not made for the role, so I would imagine she will stay on the throne, if possible until she outlives him. That would be a hoot.


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