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Roads And Bridges

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That highways were deliberately built to separate whites from blacks, and that the overpasses were built too low so that busses with black and Latino children wouldn’t make it to the beach is NOT a conspiracy theory.

It’s clear as day that it’s better to blow up and rebuild hundreds of overpasses in New York State with the hands of the union workers whose children will pay this bill when they grow up.

As a child growing up in New York City, I took part in several community summer programs that took poor inner city kids to museums, parks, woodlands and beaches. We traveled by bus and had no trouble whatsoever going to any public beach at all—ever. And we were of all races and many ethnicities.

This gay Buttigieg blather about inaccessible tunnels and overpasses to prevent minorities from getting to beaches is not a conspiracy theory, it’s utter bullshit and anyone who says otherwise is a lying “asshat race baiter” from the grievance industry.

My experience as a slum resident is that the neighborhood always has one or more disgruntled, loud-mouthed, no-nothing self-declared, unemployed “activist” who dedicates his or her waking hours to spreading hateful, unfounded rumors with no basis in reality.

After awhile, these rumors spread and becomes urban legend, added to a growing list of grudges and simmering mythical grievances.

Then the press and/or government officials finds one of these “representatives” of the “Color Community” and adulates him or her as a true speaker for “the community” as if we’re all a unified bloc in mental lockstep.

That’s how jack-legged, tax cheat scoundrels like Al Sharpton end up “fat and famous” and that’s how urban legends become multi-billion dollar boondoggles.

Just found this example of a virtue-signaling liberal journalist’s unsolicited pontification on behalf of the “Color Community.”

It’s Now Racist to Say ‘Woke’ if You’re Not Black…or Something

Selective Hearing

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The klaxon has been blaring for some time now, in many parts of the country and with regard to many items of warning. These assorted thoughts are meant for those who’ve been practicing “selective hearing.”

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