Anti-Racist Chess 

In traditional chess, white gets to go first. A shocking and racist beginning to anything, but pretty much what you’d expect from a game invented by white slave traders in 1619.

“Anti-Racist Chess” is an updated, more equitable version of this ancient but problematic pastime.

How to Play

The rules are similar to traditional chess with these modifications to make it more fair for the “Pieces of Color” (POC):

1. Before playing, the skin color of both players is determined. The players are to be assigned their pieces based on skin color if at all possible: black players get the black pieces, racist white people get the racist white pieces, etc. If both players are the same skin color, the player with the fewest grievances must play as white.

2. Before the game starts, the black player gets to draw two “race cards” from the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) deck.

3. Black gets to move first.

4. All the black pieces can move anywhere on the board during their turn. Only one piece can be moved per turn.

5. The white pieces can only move forward one square. Only one piece can be moved per turn.

6. Players are permitted to play a race card at any time, which allows them to remove any one of their opponent’s pieces from the board. After the race card has been played, another can be drawn from the deck.

7. Just like traditional chess, the first player to place the other player’s king in checkmate wins. Stalemates are also possible, in which case the black player automatically wins to make up for past injustices.

History of the game

Race baiter Caliph Barack Hussein Obama noticed a disturbing trend in the game of chess in 2016. He analyzed 632 chess matches going back to 1948 and discovered this shocking fact: white wins 54.6% of the time. While most people would make this obvious example of systemic racism known by the usual methods – publication of a book, writing an expose for the New York Times, or burning down a city – Race baiter Obama decided to go a different route. Like the inventor of Monopoly, he would seek to educate the toiling masses by harnessing mankind’s natural attraction to games and puzzles.

He invented “Anti-Racist Chess” in 2019 and it became an instant classic, replacing “racist chess” nearly everywhere in the US and selling over 87 million copies in the first year. Makes an excellent Kwanzaa gift!

How much of a “race baiter” IS Obama? According to Pew:

The year before Obama took office, about 4 in 10 blacks believed racism was a problem in the USA.
A year after he left office, more than 8 in 10 blacks believed racism was a problem in the USA.
This is where all of this nonsense began. Racial harmony was closing the gap until Obama purposefully widened the divide.
The USA gives blacks the greatest freedom and opportunity to succeed in the world.
Blacks in the USA are the wealthiest in the world.
The USA is the least racist country in the world.
Finally, Leftist retards destroy every single thing they touch and the USA is in the cross-hairs of the filth.

Race-Baiting in the Era of Obama

Obama’s Unethical Quote Of The Year

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