Death of the U.S

The global trend toward authoritarian governments has greatly accelerated during the so-called coronavirus pandemic. Eighteen months ago, no one could have predicted unprecedented lockdowns, arrests of people not wearing masks, or enforcement of mandates with experimental vaccines. What can we expect in the next 18 months?

These alarming trends are the warning signs of what a world without freedom would look like. In World War II, the United States prevented a tyranny from wrapping its tentacles around the world. Then it fought communism and sought to safeguard democracy, free press and free speech. The dollar rose as the reserve currency, enabling free trade and aid for countries in need.

Fundamental principles the U.S. once stood for are under attack—including free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of movement, the free flow of cash. Subverting these principles erodes the foundation of free society.

Read more at Death of the U.S.—Death of Freedom

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