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Immaculate Excretion

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This event purportedly took place at the Vatican while the Pope was talking to “Fraud-In-Chief” Joe Biden.

Biden got hit with an urge to squirt shit,
and the Pope droned on.
He looked at the floor and it hit him some more,
and the Pope droned on.
His colon was bloating and nearly exploding,
It was too late to run for the John.
So he took a cool stance and just dumped in his pants,
while the Pope droned on.

Sung to the tune of “The Strawberry Blonde.”

NFL Dinosaur Hunt

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Jon Gruden is a dinosaur. The heretofore Raiders coach is very old school, unrepentant, and of the toxic masculinity persuasion, no less. 

As was swiftly evidenced, the world today has no place for such creatures. He is another speed bump on the road to a sorry gray future of banal mediocrity called erroneously “equity,” since mere equality falls so, far, far short of what we can stoop to achieve with just a little more force.

Gruden was fired when the NFL leaked private emails it discovered in another and totally separate vital investigation into potential political incorrectness — this one into the Washington Football Team. Who says creativity is gone? That name captures everything: it is football, and it is a team, all rolled into one phrase: “workplace misconduct.” Gruden wasn’t at the Football Team, he just had a friend there that he emailed, way back in the Dark Ages when they were called (gasp) the Redskins. 

Read more at “The Jon Gruden Dinosaur Hunt”

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