Living in Two Worlds

More and more I feel like I’m living in two starkly different worlds.

There’s the world I see on the news, on the Twitter feed, and on the streets of our cities. This is the world of the Fauci-China virus and vaccine tyranny, the world of totalitarian government and militant Marxism, the world of relentless deceit, lies and corruption. It’s a world of rapidly rising inflation, supply chain collapse, food shortages and imminent civil war. It’s a world where a belligerent, imperialist China and Russia circle pathetic, cowering America.

This world is miserable and hopeless. Spend too much time considering it, fail to put it in proper context, and you soon begin to feel low and hopeless. Some grow depressed and developmental problems. Suicide rates across this world are rocketing. Others grow frustrated and angry; many are increasingly taking matters into their own hands.

Then there is this other world. Most of humanity doesn’t know about it and has never visited. In this world, government is perfect. It’s a world of law and order, and this produces peace, stability and prosperity. This world is entirely free of corruption and deceit. There’s no confusion about gender, sex or family. There are no drug problems, no violence, no perversion, no dysfunction. This world is perfect in every way.

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