Attack on Columbus Day

“Heel’s Up” Kamala Harris spoke before the National Congress of American Indians on October 12, announcing the first presidential proclamation declaring the celebration of Indigenous Peoples’ Day. This new federal holiday falls on the same Monday in October as Columbus Day.

Harris said during her speech: “Since 1934, every October the United States has recognized the voyage of the European explorers who first landed on the shores of the Americas. But that is not the whole story. That has never been the whole story. Those explorers ushered in a wave of devastation for tribal nations—perpetrating violence, stealing land, and spreading disease. We must not shy away from this shameful past, and we must shed light on it and do everything we can to address the impact of the past on native communities today.”

Columbus Day is being transformed into a day to apologize for alleged genocide and racism. The LA Times published an opinion piece that claims Christopher Columbus viewed the native tribes in an anti-Islamic light, tying Columbus Day to Islamophobia.

The radical-left’s rebranding of Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples’ Day is another step in the Communist cultural revolution of America. What is the real motive behind canceling Columbus Day?

Read more at Attack on Columbus Day

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