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Don’t Trust the Jab

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“Politics, money.” That’s the point of the COVID-19 jabs, said Brandon Schadt who’s a business lead for Johnson & Johnson.

Schadt and Justin Durrant, a scientist for J&J, were the central players in the latest YouTube video, also available on Rumble, dropped by Project Veritas exposing the jabs. The first and second installment of the vax exposé dropped last week.

As for Schadt, he detailed how there is no transparency as the politicians and Big Pharma companies are influenced by their own selfish motivations. He said the truth will never be exposed by the powers that be noting how J&J, who he has worked for 13 years, tried to hide “Tylenol that was laced with like cyanide” by simply quietly recalling the product.

Should you trust the media? Schadt says: “No, why should we? Why the hell should we? Hell no, no chance…. In no capacity should we ever trust anything that they say.”

For Durrant, the vax push is all about “numbers” as the push is to get into younger and younger arms.

Both said they do not trust the J&J jab, Schadt noting the high number of blood clots and the fact the shot simply isn’t effective. Both describe the clear experimental nature of the shot. Oddly enough, Durrant admitted he took the Moderna shot. The J&J jab is the only non-mRNA shot in use in America while Moderna and Pfizer are both mRNA gene therapy. So, if the J&J jab is experimental (which it is), how much more of an experiment is the mRNA shots which have never been used before?

The pair also don’t believe kids should take the shot, Schadt offering the most detailed explanation. “It’s just a kid who’s not developed yet,” Schadt said. “There’s so much growth, you know, and you’re young. You can rebound from the virus. It’ll be fine.”

Schadt added: “It’s like the same concept of you don’t do things to kids, right, you don’t put kids through certain things you put adults through. It’s just that kind of category for me. It’s a kid, you just don’t do that, you know, not something that’s so unknown in terms of repercussions down the road.”

Durrant, while warning “don’t get the Johnson & Johnson,” is still on board with the mass vax campaign saying “everyone needs to vax” and calling it your “civic duty” to submit to medical experimentation.

People need to be “inconvenienced” if they don’t submit, says Durrant saying how people shouldn’t be able to go to bar, visit their grandma, travel or make a living. In fact, you need to be viewed as a second-class citizen, according to him.

“You’ve just got to keep doing things like that to where it’s almost like you’re almost like a second-grade citizen if you’re not vaccinated. I know that’s awful…. You can’t do anything that a normal citizen can do,” Durrant said.

Durrant adds: “I mean if you can’t work, I feel like that’s punishment enough…. The only way people really act, and comply, if it hurts their pockets…. If you’re working for a big company and you’re going to lose your job, best believe you’ll be the first one in the line.”

James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, released a video hours before the release of this third installment of the vax exposé.

“I don’t think anything can stop us so long as we the people are activated,” O’Keefe said. “And yes, we are nothing, but we’re not alone. Yes, they do have tremendous power, but that’s in part because we choose to surrender to them.”

Yes, we have the power to say no. It’s about time we start to resist. As O’Keefe stated, David did defeat Goliath. It all can change on a dime if there’s the will from the people.

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