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Attack on Columbus Day

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“Heel’s Up” Kamala Harris spoke before the National Congress of American Indians on October 12, announcing the first presidential proclamation declaring the celebration of Indigenous Peoples’ Day. This new federal holiday falls on the same Monday in October as Columbus Day.

Harris said during her speech: “Since 1934, every October the United States has recognized the voyage of the European explorers who first landed on the shores of the Americas. But that is not the whole story. That has never been the whole story. Those explorers ushered in a wave of devastation for tribal nations—perpetrating violence, stealing land, and spreading disease. We must not shy away from this shameful past, and we must shed light on it and do everything we can to address the impact of the past on native communities today.”

Columbus Day is being transformed into a day to apologize for alleged genocide and racism. The LA Times published an opinion piece that claims Christopher Columbus viewed the native tribes in an anti-Islamic light, tying Columbus Day to Islamophobia.

The radical-left’s rebranding of Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples’ Day is another step in the Communist cultural revolution of America. What is the real motive behind canceling Columbus Day?

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Time to Stop FaceBook

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Facebook and Google would be nothing like the behemoths they have become today if competition regulators had been tougher.

Few of us who have survived the last year aren’t grateful for technology. Zoom, email, connected workplaces and solid internet connections at home have made it possible to work, shop, study and carry on our lives in a way that wouldn’t have been possible had the pandemic hit, say, 20 years earlier.

But parts of Big Tech — the parts that track us and drive us to think dangerous and antisocial things just so we keep clicking — are doing us enormous damage.

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What is COP26?

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Over two weeks in November, world leaders and national negotiators will meet in Scotland to discuss what to do about climate change. It’s a complex process that can be hard to make sense of from the outside, but it’s how international law and institutions help solve problems that no single country can fix on its own.

I worked for the United Nations for several years as a law and policy adviser and have been involved in international negotiations. Here’s what’s happening behind closed doors and why people are concerned that COP26 might not meet its goals.

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Born Loser

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“Happy Birthday” to This “Corrupt” Woman Who Will “Thankfully” Never Be President.

Hillary is the first woman in American history to lose a presidential election “twice” after being nominated by a major party, and the only politician to ever lose an election to President Donald Trump.

Belligerent Joe Biden 

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“Fraud-In-Chief” Joe Biden committed yet another “diplomatic gaffe” at a CNN town hall when he said Washington had a commitment to come to Taiwan’s “defense if it were attacked by China.”

Yet like Biden’s gaffes usually, this one was not without an element of deliberateness. He was even insistent. Indeed, there is an ongoing debate in the US on this topic and Biden tapped into it.

Nonetheless, the very next day, the White House sought to walk back Biden’s comments, explaining he “wasn’t announcing a change in policy nor have we changed our policy. We are guided by the Taiwan Relations Act.”

The Taiwan Relations Act of 1979 commits the US to providing Taiwan with arms for its self-defense but not to sending American troops to defend Taiwan. 

Read more at “Biden’s Taiwan defense gaffe tempered by realities”

U.S. Navy Gender Benders 

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Admiral Robert “Rachel” Levine

The United States Navy has contracted expert Admiral Robert “Rachel” Levine to determine the preferred genders of all its nautical vessels.

No doubt a non-profit group of lawyers for ship’s rights will represent the Navy and speak on their behalf. All they need are government grants to pay for their billable hours.

All gender concerned citizens should send their donations to “Ships Have Rights Too.”

Rachel Levine, a lethally incompetent health official, now identifies as an admiral

Fisting Coercion with Joe

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Anderson Cooper is a prominent gay reporter with the CNN news network. A scion of the Vanderbilt family, Cooper got his start in journalism by having a friend create a counterfeit press pass, so that he could report on issues overseas.

“Fraud-In-Chief” Joe Biden recently explained to Anderson Cooper the art of “fisting” during a town hall meeting. I wasn’t sure what that term meant so I looked it up in The Urban Dictionary:

FISTING “the act or art of putting a fist in an ass or vagina, very popular practice among more evolved kinky gays. Requires great care and huge amounts of lubrication.”


I guess Joe just wants to play the “dog-faced pony soldier” game with gay Anderson like he did riding the Amtrak train for 36 years as Vice President.

Fauci’s Animal Torture  

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Reports that Anthony Fauci’s division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) partially funded an experiment of insects eating beagle puppies alive has sparked bipartisan outrage on Capitol Hill…and around the world. Even dog eating Chinese were upset with Fauci’s cruel animal torture.

Responding to a report from the non-profit organization White Coat Waste Project, both Democrats and Republicans signed a letter this week demanding to know why the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases – one of the 27 institutes under the NIH – partially funded an experiment that locked beagles’ heads in cages while hordes of hungry sand flies ate them alive.

According to the Hill, the beagles were infected with “disease-causing parasites to test an experimental drug on them.” The experiment transpired in a Tunisia, North Africa laboratory where as many as 44 beagle puppies endured what Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) referred to as a “cruel” and “reprehensible misuse of taxpayer funds.”

To eliminate incessant barking, the beagle puppies also had their vocal cords removed.

“Our investigators show that Fauci’s NIH division shipped part of a $375,800 grant to a lab in Tunisia to drug beagles and lock their heads in mesh cages filled with hungry sand flies so that the insects could eat them alive,” White Coat Waste told Changing America. “They also locked beagles alone in cages in the desert overnight for nine consecutive nights to use them as bait to attract infectious sand flies.”

The White Coat Waste Project claims that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not require drugs to be tested on dogs. Neither Anthony Fauci nor the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has responded to the White Coat Waste Project report.

This past week, a letter from NIH to House Oversight Committee Ranking Member James Comer (R-KY) showed that the institute did fund gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology through a grant awarded to Eco-Health Alliance.

Arrest Fauci trends on Twitter as calls grow to oust infectious disease expert over NIH funding of cruel experiments on beagles which were ‘eaten alive by flies’ and ‘de-barked’

The Vax Scene

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Are You On The Fence About Taking The Vaccine? Watch Stephen Colbert and his dancing “Syringe Drag Queens” do the “Vax Scene” and your doubts will vanish promptly away!

When the great state of Florida went for Trump in 2020, Trevor Noah posted a video of Florida being vaporized by alien attack, killing all 22 million residents in the process. This is what the great comedic minds of “The Daily Show” like to laugh about. Stephen Colbert also thinks there is a huge segment of the “population unfit to live”, and it is to those people his “Vax Scene” video is actually directed.

Stephen Colbert professes to be a Roman Catholic, and like his “papal” forefathers, he would re-institute a modern-day Spanish Inquisition if he could, burning at the stake as many anti-vaxxers as he could. But until they are in power, you will just have to settle for dancing syringe drag queens pushing the jab.

If you like unfunny Liberal comedians, you have a wide range to choose from. Start with the talentless Trevor Noah who only has a job “because he’s black”, Jimmy Kimmel who used to love dressing up in blackface and using the n-word, all the way up to Stephen Colbert who doesn’t even “pretend to be funny.”

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”― George Orwell, 1984

The one level it succeeds on is their revelation of how much they hate everyone who does not think they way they do, and that given the chance, they would have us all put to death without reservation or hesitation. Make sure you watch the video below of Stephen Colbert and Oprah mocking God, the Bible and Jesus Christ, that’ll be an eye-opener if you still need one.

Colbert discussed with guest Oprah Winfrey the possibility of her running for president in 2020. Winfrey famously said that if she were to run for president, she would need a “sign from God.” So Colbert had “god” show up to discuss it.

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” – Maya Angelou

If I was on the fence about taking the vaccine my mind would be made up instantly to not take it.

We live in a world where the insane people are the ones making the rules, where the ongoing murder of babies is not only tolerated but demanded, and where the enslavement of the global population is happening at a stunning rate. Over on the Communist YouTube, they are deleting all videos that going against the party line.

As part of a new set of policies aimed at cutting down on anti-vaccine content on the Google-owned site, YouTube will ban any videos that claim that commonly used vaccines approved by health authorities are ineffective or dangerous. The company previously blocked videos that made those claims about coronavirus vaccines, but not ones for other vaccines like those for measles or chickenpox.

What explains these insanities that are insults to the people’s intelligence? Did Americans go mad because of the perfect storm of COVID-19, the quarantine, recession, riots, looting and arson of 2020, the wild November election, the post-election hysterias and riot, and the Biden-socialist Faustian bargain?

Or do these symptoms of long-standing illnesses arise from the media and university, where the twins of incompetence and ideology ruined the critical consciousness of an entire generation of young minds?

Or is the culprit the affluent, bi-coastal woke professionals, who, as both narcissists and projectionists, feel the consequences of their own ideology should never apply to themselves, while fobbing off their own sins onto others as a way of squaring the circle of their own illiberality?

Get the picture now? Either you side with Stephen Colbert and are part the “vax scene”, or you’re nobody, locked out of your local system as well as the larger global system.

And that part I mentioned about them “burning us at the stake” if they could?  Prepare yourself, because that’s “on deck” right now if the Lord tarries.

The Symptoms of Our Insanity

COVID-19 Is the New Global Warming

If We’re Rome, Who Are the Barbarians That Will End Us?

Anti Satellite Weapons

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China is making major advances in its development of weaponry intended to disable or destroy satellites, according to remarks made last week by the director of the United States Indo-Pacific Command.

China is building an array of weapons with abilities ranging from “dazzling to jamming, to kinetic kill-from-the-ground, from space—all that, they’re on the march,” Rear Adm. Michael Studeman said during an intelligence-security webinar, according to Bloomberg.

The SJ-17 satellite is among the Chinese assets believed to be able to attack satellites in orbit. This satellite is dirigible and equipped with a robotic arm that can be controlled by Chinese operatives on the ground. The Center for Strategic and International Studies noted that it has been observed in recent months engaging in unusual behavior including navigating up to other satellites in orbit and interacting with them.

So far the SJ-17 has approached only other Chinese satellites. But experts say there is little that would stop it from navigating up to those of other nations, and using its arm to seize and then hinder or disable them. James Dickinson, commander of the U.S. Space Command, told a congressional hearing that such satellites “could be used in a future system for grappling other satellites.” He called attention specifically to the SJ-17, saying it could potentially put U.S. satellites out of commission.

China is also developing ground-based laser systems believed to be capable of blinding satellites in orbit. “There is open-source evidence of four or five main sites that house the technology,” Brian Weeden, director of Program Planning for Secure World Foundation, told National Defense. “All of the sites have distinctive large buildings with roofs that slide back,” he said, adding that some of the facilities support adaptive optics for targeting objects.”

Whether from space or the ground, China’s capacity to incapacitate U.S. satellites is “significant” because “the next major war could be decided in the opening minutes of the first day, as each side attempts to disable the enemy’s communication tools,” Nikkei said.

Onlookers may suspect that a fear of “mutually assured destruction” would prevent China from attacking American satellites since the Chinese also have many satellites in orbit that the U.S. could target. But the reality is that America has far more satellites in orbit than China or any other nation, and relies on them to an unmatched degree.

This means the U.S. has far more to lose than China.

“And the answer is… 1,308.” — Statista (@StatistaCharts) July 15, 2020

The U.S. depends on its 1,308 satellites for everything from weather monitoring and television broadcasting to telephone and Internet technologies. There is also the Global Positioning System, a constellation of 33 satellites that Washington makes freely accessible to anyone on the planet with a GPS receiver.

This $12 billion feat of engineering provides users with all manner of positioning, navigation and timing services. Most importantly, around 130 of America’s satellites are used exclusively by the U.S. military for reconnaissance, communication, navigation and targeting systems.

This means America is considerably more vulnerable to satellite attacks than any other nation. Frank Rose, co-director of the Brookings Institution’s Center for Security, Strategy and Technology, spoke about this vulnerability to National Defense last week. “Adversarial nations are developing anti-satellite weapons because they believe space represents an asymmetric vulnerability of the United States,” he said. “I expect that Russia and China will continue to develop and deploy a full range of ASAT [anti-satellite] capabilities.”

Steve Lambakis, an international affairs analyst, also addressed this threat recently and emphasized America’s military vulnerability. “U.S. space systems are among the most fragile and vulnerable assets operated by the U.S. military,” he said. The multi-billion dollar infrastructure is “vital to nearly every activity of the United States and, increasingly, the armed forces of U.S. allies.”

Much has been written on several occasions about the perils of America’s reliance, specifically its military, on computer technology that is susceptible to enemy attack. Analyst Joe de Courcy, who termed this reliance “the Western world’s Achilles’ heel.” This was a reference to the apparently invulnerable warrior of Greek mythology who was susceptible to harm only on his heels.

“America is the greatest superpower this world has ever known. But we have a very vulnerable point in our military—our own Achilles’ heel. This liability is so dangerous that I am amazed it hasn’t received more publicity.”

This an “alarming” scenario if in the near future U.S. military technology would be hijacked by adversaries. Will it be because of computer terrorists?

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