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Son of Satan

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The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) made the announcement in China’s government-controlled state media, where it labeled Soros as “the son of Satan.” The CCP is accusing Soros of funding anti-China propaganda while attempting to usher in his “Global Terrorist” agenda.

An article, published in CCP mouthpiece The Global Times, accuses Soros of funding Hong Kong’s jailed newspaper owner and publisher Jimmy Lai. It alleges that Soros is funding Lai to promote anti-Beijing protests, most notably the 2019 demonstrations.

The article titled, “This global economic terrorist is staring at China!,” claims that Soros and his Open Society Foundations financed Human Rights Watch are running a campaign to spread “rumors” against China. The Chinese Communist Party labels the billionaire globalist “the most evil person in the world.”

The Global Times commentary pointed out the 91-year-old Hungarian born American business tycoon had conspired with Apple Daily founder Jimmy Lai to try to start a “color revolution” in Hong Kong in 2019. The article also described Soros as “the most evil person in the world” and “the son of Satan.”

Several other Chinese websites republished the article and it was cited widely by Hong Kong and Taiwanese media publications over the past few days, according to Press TV. The Global Times had previously highlighted Soros’s role in sparking “color revolutions” in Africa, East Europe, and Southeast Asia.

In turn, Soros has called out China’s economic policies as “anti-transparent” and has openly dissuaded US firms from investing in China. Soros recently wrote an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal that said New York-based BlackRock’s recent 6.7 billion yuan (US$1 billion) mutual fund investment in China was a “tragic mistake” and would likely lose money for the asset manager’s clients.

“The BlackRock initiative imperils the national security interests of the US and other democracies because the money invested in China will help prop up President Xi’s regime,” wrote Soros, who is head of the group Open Society Foundations.In June, Hong Kong police arrested five executives of the Apple Daily and Next Digital — the paper’s parent group — for conspiring with foreign forces to endanger national security during the raid. Police said more than 30 articles published by the news media since 2019 calling for foreign sanctions against China and Hong Kong leaders violated the national security law.

The founder of Apple Daily was remanded in custody for taking part in illegal assemblies while facing trial for endangering national security. The rest were freed on bail and were not charged. Some 18 million Hong Kong dollars (2.3 million US dollars) in assets related to the newspaper were also frozen.

In June 2019, unprecedented anti-government protests began in Hong Kong over a proposed extradition bill. It was shelved under pressure from demonstrations later on, but the turbulent protest movement continued into the next several months and became more violent, endangering the lives and property of citizens. The protesters have been demanding Hong Kong’s full secession since then.

American writer and analyst Walt Peretto said that Soros funds projects, movements, programs, and initiatives designed to achieve “the de facto dissolution of national sovereignty worldwide.”

“Once known as a hedge fund manager and now a philanthropist, Soros is connected to the world’s top money creators and regularly funnels money from those at the apex of the global finance into projects designed to restructure global society in ways beneficial to proponents of mass depopulation and global tyranny,” he commented to Press TV.

“Soros likely has access to inside information that all but guarantees financial success in his investments in exchange for his financing of globalist social-engineering projects,” he stated. “This scheme works as a buffer between the money creators and the financing of their globalist initiatives without a clear direct connection.”

The analyst added that “Soros has funded many projects, movements, programs, and initiatives throughout the last several decades designed to achieve open national borders and the de facto dissolution of national sovereignty worldwide.” 

“This feud between Soros and the Chinese government is mostly a distraction that favors both parties in multiple ways,” he noted. “It distracts from the increasing censorship of evidence-based information and the promotion of manufactured globalist narratives and social-engineering projects.”

“These back-and-forth exchanges between Soros and Chinese state officials help to keep the eyes of the world off more pressing issues like the genocidal nature of the global Covid-19 operation, terrorism induced people movement largely from the ‘Global South’ to the West, Zionist hegemony over Western governments including the US, and increasing internet censorship of evidence-based information in favor of the reinforcement of manufactured ‘official’ lies and disinformation,” the analyst stated.

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