Wallflower Naomi  

With her breasts pushed up she looks like a sumo wrestler…

Remember when noted introvert tennis player Naomi Osaka broke down in tears in August when she was asked by a reporter about balancing her dislike for the media and her outside interests away from sports that require media attention? That was just one of multiple instances this year when Osaka went into victim mode and started throwing around claims of mental anguish.

Well, there was Naomi at the Met Gala on the red carpet loaded with members of the media and she sure seemed to be in her happy place. Not a smile to be had for the Getty photographer whose job it was to get several shots of Naomi’s glorious outfit. I get that the person modeling the dress is to act miserable because that’s how the modeling thing works, but this clearly doesn’t look like a 23-year-old who was having a good time amongst people who were there to kiss her ass.

Naomi, blink if you’re miserable…

“I think I’m going to take a break from playing for a while,” Osaka said after being ousted in the third round of the U.S. Open to finish off her completely miserable 2021 tennis season. So who’s throwing her back on this stage to be painted and puffed up on display? This is the look a defendant who’s just been found guilty gives while being led away to serve 25-to-life.

Call me crazy, but Osaka, who won four major titles (Australia twice, U.S. Open twice) from 2018-2021, looks like she could use a long vacation. I’m thinking somewhere nice where you don’t have to wear shoes very often. A Pacific Island makes the most sense. Maybe read a dozen books. Take walks along the beach. Eat fresh seafood. Sip on rum drinks. I’d even suggest inviting 5-7 friends. No high-maintenance friends.

Maybe she looks miserable because she looks ridiculous …. and she knows it.

I get it, you only live once and this Met Gala thing is huge for a certain segment of society who needs this red carpet on its LinkedIn account and social resume, but holy crap the emotions are telling here.

“I just really wanted to come here at least once and experience everything,” Naomi told the press on the red carpet. Mission accomplished. Now go on a craps bender or something that makes you happy. Hell, maybe disappear for a couple of years. Most importantly, go get happy.

For someone who doesn’t want to be in the eye of the media, she sure seeks out media attention.

Let’s hope anxiety prone wallflower Naomi did okay at…and after the party.

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