Biden Vaccination Centers

You can’t say you weren’t warned though, “Fraud-In-Chief” Joe Biden has said we have a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”, and that his “patience had run out” for people choosing to not receive the COVID-19 vaccine shot.

The Biden Administration has announced a new measure in the fight against Covid 19 by giving a deadline of March 1st, 2022 for private citizens to get the vaccine or they will be rounded up and forced to live in various Biden Vaccination Centers that are being used across the country.

“If you don’t get the jab and do your part to keep everyone safe you can expect to live out your days in Biden Vaccination Centers.” Biden refused any questions that were not approved by his “Gulagologist “ team in order to carefully filter out any unapproved interaction between the press and “Fraud-In-Chief.”

“The only way to keep us all safe will be to build a giant wall around these vaccination centers so that the virus can’t get out,” stated Kamala Harris. “These Biden Vaccination Centers will have no communication with the outside world. No phones no internet, no letters. Guards are outfitted with rifles equipped with syringes instead of bayonets.” Not only will these BVC’s “quarantine” this deadly virus but a “deadly ideology” as well according to an official release by the White House.

Biden Vaccination Centers (BVC’s) are now open nationwide. All cumbersome red tape protocols have been suspended in order to encourage the unvaccinated into prompt compliance. These new state of the art facilities will house the unvaccinated until their injection dates are scheduled.

The only way to protect humanity is to strip it of all forms of normal human behavior. The medical “Gulagologists will re-educate these “anti-science” wretches. It’s for their own good, after all.

“Fraud-In-Chief”  Joe Biden is going to make sure that the unvaccinated die faster by denying them life-saving medical treatments. This is where we are now, folks, watching our own government actively seeking to murder its unvaccinated citizens.

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