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Biden’s Presidential Watch

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Several family members of the fallen service members have criticized Biden for glancing at his watch during the dignified transfer.

“As my son and the rest of our fallen heroes were being taken off the plane yesterday I watched you disrespect us all five different times by checking your watch,” Shana Chappell, mother of Marine Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui, wrote in an Aug. 30 Facebook post.

Darin Hoover, father of Marine Staff Sgt. Darin Taylor Hoover Jr., and Mark Schmitz, father of Marine Lance Cpl. Jared Schmitz, told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that “Biden checked his watch multiple times during the dignified transfer. Hoover said it happened after each casket was presented.”

So, what exactly was “Fraud-In-Chief” looking at? What was so urgent that he looked at it again and again? For those wondering here is a “snapshot” of Biden’s “Presidential Watch”…

Shouldn’t repeatedly lying by “Fraud-In-Chief”  Biden to the American people be considered an impeachable offense?

On the heels of “Fraud-In-Chief” Joe Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, Republican lawmakers deliver a powerful message to veterans of the war in Afghanistan and their families. In the video, several US military veterans who are now serving in Congress give their personal feelings about the end of the war in Afghanistan.

Sorry, but it WAS all in vain. All for unappreciative Muslims who despise us. Having our troops in Afghanistan did not stop terrorism in the US.

Fox & Friends reporter Lawrence Jones blasts Hollywood and Left-wing media for comparing Christians to the Taliban; reporting from Fort Lee, Virginia receiving Afghan refugees.

And we aren’t even talking about the reported 100,00 or more Afghans who “allegedly” worked as interpreters for the Americans and Brits in Afghanistan.

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Olympics Bans Women

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During the glorious Soviet era, the National Lampoon published this cover to insinuate that the Soviet Women’s Olympic teams were populated by men pretending to be women, and thus, cheating.

But today we live in a more enlightened era. Now the Olympics welcomes men pretending to be women as long as they declare they are LGBTQ(V) vaccinated and submit to testosterone-level testing. It’s still cheating, but now it’s politically correct cheating.

However, something is amiss this year. Didn’t China get the memo? It looks as if the Chinese Women’s Olympics teams contain men pretending to be women but not declaring status as transsexual. Exactly the kind of cheating that the National Lampoon warned us about back in 1976!

Why are the Chinese cheating this way? Don’t they know they can now legally cheat just by declaring their women’s teams are somewhere in the LGBTQV spectrum of pretend genders?

Either FU isn’t the only woman on this “women’s” track team or China is giving the rules a big FU 假女人! (Fake women) 

As long as no Chinese athlete flashes the Orchid Finger, gender is what the Chinese government says. The Chinese government can say anything it wants but it doesn’t change the Olympic rules….yet. 

Men can be women by taking enough hormone blockers, but women who have never messed with their natural hormone levels are told they cannot qualify as women.

The persistent narrative of the transgender industry says sex is an arbitrary feature assigned at birth and unassigned at will. The limitations of biology, they insist, can be medically overcome to match whatever sex you feel like.

Surgery, or hormone blockers, are how to “change” and “redefine” your sex in this paradigm. Men can be women and women can be men, because there’s nothing inherent about a person’s sex.

As a result, when men want to compete in women’s sports, the politicized response is to allow them, so long as they meet certain requirements like lowered testosterone levels. Such rules allowed Laurel Hubbard, a New Zealand man who qualified for women’s weightlifting in the Tokyo Olympics, to compete. Forbes explains the current rules for testosterone levels:

In 2015, the International Olympic Committee ruled that transgender athletes who identify as female could compete on female teams if their testosterone levels were below ten nanomoles per liter for at least 12 months before the competition. In 2019, World Athletics lowered the maximum level to five nanomoles per liter. By comparison, most cisgender female athletes have testosterone levels between 0.12 and 1.79 nanomoles per liter.

Testosterone limitations for athletics have also been used to prevent athletes from taking performance-enhancing hormones, of course. Yet their use in allowing men to compete as women implicitly but clearly states: the differences between men and women’s biology can be corrected by (i.e., reduced to) things like hormone levels.

Except, of course, they can’t. And the treatment of Namibian runners Christine Mboma and Beatrice Masilingi proves why.

Mboma and Masilingi, both 18, were born women, have female biology, and recognize themselves as women. Yet, because they both have naturally high levels of testosterone, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) doesn’t recognize them as women for the purpose of certain events.

Although the women said they never had reason to believe their hormone levels were abnormal, tests required by World Athletics (the international governing body recognized by the IOC) found their natural testosterone levels higher than previously established limits. Mboma and Masilingi were given an ultimatum: take testosterone reducers, or be disqualified from the women’s 400m race.

“I would ruin the way my body develops because that’ll be something that rearranges everything,” Masilingi said of artificially reducing her testosterone levels. “I wouldn’t want to involve any other things because this is the way my body functions in its normal way.”

After being forced out of the 400m, their event of choice, Mboma and Masilingi competed in the 200m in Tokyo, and Mboma ended up winning silver. Her breakout success in an event that wasn’t her primary one leaves us to wonder: what could she have done if allowed to compete in the 400m?

Instead, we have a system in which men can be women if they take enough hormone blockers, but women who have not messed with their natural hormone levels are told they cannot qualify as women. Such is the stunted logic of our modern view of sex, taken to its batty conclusion.

It’s worth acknowledging that some of the convoluted Olympic rules on testosterone levels in women’s sports revolve around athletes like Caster Semenya. Semenya is a South African runner who appears to have the genuine condition of being intersex — born female but with certain male features and male levels of testosterone. Medical instances of sex development disorders are rare, but do create real and complicated questions of fairness in settings like athletic categories.

After Semenya came onto the world stage in 2009, the International Association of Athletics Federations (now World Athletics) established rules for women with conditions like hers in 2011. However, the institution didn’t stop there. It also established new guidance that would allow men to compete as women, provided they show proof of sex “reassignment” surgery and undergo testing for levels of hormones like testosterone.

There’s much debate over whether the current system strikes the right balance between fairness to Semenya and fairness to her competitors. But regardless, even if some athletic testosterone limits for women’s sports were created out of genuine attempts to address conditions like Semenya’s, they have been expanded and used to allow men to unfairly compete as women.

As a result, women like Christine Mboma and Beatrice Masilingi are penalized and disqualified from women’s sporting events for their authentic biology, while men like Laurel Hubbard are allowed to get into women’s competitions by tampering with their biology.

Are Mboma and Masilingi less “female” than Hubbard? Of course not. But reducing sex to something that can be manipulated and determined by hormone therapy leads to that ridiculous conclusion. You either have to admit that taking testosterone blockers doesn’t really make a man into a woman, or you have to say that Hubbard is more of a woman than Mboma and Masilingi are.

IOC President Thomas Bach said in a press conference last month that the rules for athlete testosterone levels may be changing soon into “guidelines” because “there is no one-size-fits-all solution.” Such is the complicated bed the IOC has made for itself. It would be encouraging to see the new guidelines protect women’s biology and opportunities better than the current ones, but the recent trajectory suggests they will only get worse.

Deadly Vaccine Strategy

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The Biden administration’s strategy to universally vaccinate in the middle of the pandemic is bad science and badly needs a reboot.

This strategy will likely prolong the most dangerous phase of the worst pandemic since 1918 and almost assuredly cause more harm than good – even as it undermines faith in the entire public health system.

Four flawed assumptions drive the Biden strategy. The first is that universal vaccination can eradicate the virus and secure economic recovery by achieving herd immunity throughout the country and the world. However, the virus is now so deeply embedded in the world population that, unlike polio and smallpox, eradication is unachievable. SARS-CoV-2 and its myriad mutations will likely continually circulate, much like the common cold and influenza.

The second assumption is that the vaccines are near perfectly effective. However, our currently available vaccines are quite “leaky.” While good at preventing severe disease and death, they only reduce, not eliminate, the risk of infection, replication, and transmission. As a slide deck from the Centers for Disease Control has revealed, even 100% acceptance of the current leaky vaccines combined with strict mask compliance will not stop the highly contagious Delta variant from spreading.

The third assumption is that the vaccines are safe.  Yet scientists, physicians, and public health officials now recognize risks that are rare but by no means trivial.  Known side effects include serious cardiac and thrombotic conditions, menstrual cycle disruptions, Bell’s Palsy, Guillain Barre syndrome, and anaphylaxis.

Unknown side effects which virologists fear may emerge include existential reproductive risks, additional autoimmune conditions, and various forms of disease enhancement, i.e., the vaccines can make people more vulnerable to re-infection by SARS-CoV-2 or re-activation of latent viral infections and associated diseases such as shingles. With good reason, the FDA has yet to approve the vaccines now administered under Emergency Use Authorization.

The failure of the fourth “durability” assumption is the most alarming and perplexing. It now appears our current vaccines are likely to offer a mere 180-day window of protection – a decided lack of durability underscored by scientific evidence from Israel and confirmed by  Pfizer, the Department of Health and Human Services, and other countries. 

Here, we are already being warned of the need for universal “booster” shots at six-month intervals for the foreseeable future. The obvious broader point that militates for individual vaccine choice is that repeated vaccinations, each with a small risk, can add up to a big risk.  It’s an arms race with the virus.

The most important reason why a universal vaccination strategy is imprudent tracks to the collective risk associated with how the virus responds when replicating in vaccinated individuals. Here, basic virology and evolutionary genetics tell us the goal of any virus is to infect and replicate in as many people as possible. A virus can’t efficiently spread if, like with Ebola, it quickly kills its hosts.

The clear historical tendency for viruses crossing over from one species to another is to evolve in a way that makes them both more infectious and less pathogenic over time. However, a universal vaccination policy deployed in the middle of a pandemic can turn this normal Darwinian taming process into a dangerous vaccine arms race.

The essence of this arms race is this: The more people you vaccinate, the greater the number of vaccine-resistant mutations you are likely to get, the less durable the vaccines will become, ever more powerful vaccines will have to be developed, and individuals will be exposed to more and more risk.

Science tells us here that today’s vaccines, which use novel gene therapy technologies, generate powerful antigens that direct the immune system to attack specific components of the virus. Thus, when the virus infects a person with a “leaky” vaccination, the viral progeny will be selected to escape or resist the effects of the vaccine. 

If the entire population has been trained via a universal vaccination strategy to have the same basic immune response, then once a viral escape mutant is selected, it will rapidly spread through the entire population – whether vaccinated or not.

A far more optimal strategy is to vaccinate only the most vulnerable. This will limit the amount of vaccine-resistant mutations and thereby slow, if not halt, the current vaccine arms race.

Fortunately, those most vulnerable represent a relatively small number; and these cohorts have already achieved high levels of vaccine acceptance.  They include senior citizens, for whom the risk of serious disease or death increases exponentially with age, and those with significant co-morbidities such as obesity, lung, and heart disease. 

For much of the rest of the population, there’s nothing to fear but fear of the virus itself. This is particularly true if we have lawful outpatient access to a growing arsenal of scientifically proven prophylactics and therapeutics.

For example, there has been much controversy over Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. Yet, with the emergence of a growing body of scientific evidence, we can be assured these two medicines are safe and effective in prophylaxis and early treatment when administered under a physician’s supervision.  Numerous other useful treatments range from famotidine/celecoxib, fluvoxamine, and apixaban to various anti-inflammatory steroids, Vitamin D, and zinc.  

The broader goal when administering these agents is to moderate symptoms and take death off the table, particularly for the unvaccinated. Unlike vaccines, these agents are generally not dependent on specific viral properties or mutations but instead mitigate or treat the inflammatory symptoms of the disease itself. Pfizer is now actively marketing its own antiviral therapeutic – tacit admission Pfizer’s own vaccine is incapable of eradicating the virus. 

We are not “anti-vax.” Dr. Malone invented the core mRNA technology being used by Pfizer and Moderna to produce their vaccines and has spent his entire professional career developing and advancing novel vaccine technologies, vaccines, and other medical countermeasures. The other, Peter Navarro played a key role at the Trump White House in jump-starting Operation Warp Speed and ensuring timely delivery of the vaccines.  

We are simply saying that just because you have a big vaccine hammer, it is not necessarily wise to use it for every nail. The American people deserve better than a universal vaccination strategy under the flag of bad science and enforced through authoritarian measures.

Here is a very telling interview by Dr. Robert Malone on the latest evidence of antibody dependent enhancement of the COVID vaccines. In a nutshell it indicates that the latest delta variant may be replicating at a higher rate within those vaccinated, making them more infectious than the unvaccinated, and may be what’s really behind the sudden mandate for everyone to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status. It’s 10 min. and worth to watch.

Dr. Robert Malone is the discoverer of in-vitro and in-vivo RNA transfection and the inventor of mRNA vaccines while he was at the Salk Institute in 1988.  Peter Navarro served in the Trump White House as the Defense Production Act Policy Coordinator.

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