Jackass Party

The Democrat Party is one of the oldest political parties in American politics. This is in name only though, as the party has morphed into several different identities over its long history. Today’s Democrat Party is nothing like it’s humble beginnings. The Democrat Party today is not the party that fought for American citizens beliefs and the long standing tradition of “The American Way.” The Democrat Party today has been taken over by foreign entities seeking to topple The Untied States Of America from its long held position as the most powerful and just Nation in the world.

It is noteworthy to mention that the Democrat Party was the party of slavery, defending the practice while the Republican Party fought to end slavery and set all slaves free. In the end it took a Civil War to actually free the slaves and end the South’s bid to succeed from the Union. The war wasn’t just about slavery, it was about State’s Rights. In the end the Democrat Party lost its slaves as they were set free by the Republican President, Abraham Lincoln.

Adolph Hitler controlled the people by his narratives and speeches that divided Germany just as the democrats and the democrat owned media has divided America today. The democrats fan the flames of discontent and pit one race against the other, they divide the country by agitating and stoking unfounded fears in the minority groups, promising the minorities everything but giving them nothing. The minorities seem to not understand the truth as they keep voting for and supporting their oppressors.

Nobody seems to understand this phenomenon, but it is one of the biggest problems to overcome. There has been great progress in the last few years, as many minorities finally saw the truth, and saw that President Trump and the Republican party, was working to make the lives of all Americans better, not just one group.

Unlike the democrats who only work for the liberals. The democrats focus on passing laws that hurt America and make it less safe and destroys the economy. They only care about their bank accounts and companies they have stock in, so they pass laws and bills to further their selfish causes. As Nancy Pelosi did when pushing a law to help companies her family had ties and investment in. That’s just one example of thousands, just a drop in the bucket.

The democrat party is full of charlatans like herself. The problem was that there just wasn’t enough progress and support from the minorities in time to save the last Presidential election. The democrats committed voter fraud on a huge scale, along with that and not enough votes from minorities and if you can believe the polls or the media, a supposedly ignorant faction of the white and female population, who were fooled into taking up the fictitious cause of the terrorist groups known as BLM and Antifa.

So as it stands the democrats stole the election and that doesn’t bode well for our democracy. People have got intellectually lazy and pampered from the easy living the last couple of centuries. They think freedom is free, they don’t seem to understand how it’s bought and paid for. It was bought and paid for by great sacrifices of great people, the loss of blood and lives of their predecessors, their ancestors, the generations before them. Freedom and liberty can be lost easily, but it’s a costly thing to regain once you’ve squandered the gift given you by the generations before you.

The WWII generation is all but gone now, not too many people left today in this generation with the will to survive and protect something as precious as freedom. Too many dirty snowflakes today, not enough decent hard working people with a sense of honor and duty towards their families and country. Now with another feeble, weak minded democrat in office it gets more scary every day, wondering how he will sell out our nation as the past democrat politicians have for decades.

The only bright side is senile Biden and heel up Harris will be in office long enough to do some serious damage to the economy and further damage the nations reputation to a point the portion of the population that was conned into supporting them and fooled into voting for them will see the error in their ways and at least give back control of the house to the Republican party in 2022, the party that has always done right by the American people.

If you look at all the places in America where the people are suffering from poorly run local government, along with political corruption, you will see they are all run by democrats. The democrat run cities or states are always run down, usually bankrupt from their foolish liberal policies, are ridden with crime, especially violent gun crimes, they’re too weak to deal with violent criminal behavior and as a result, make the streets unsafe for decent law abiding people.

A democratic government can be very fragile and it’s easy to manipulate the people of that nation by very devious individuals such as the ones in the democratic party. Evil never sleeps, Satan is always on the move, it’s a constant battle of good vs. evil, and the Republican party and its members can never rest, they have to be on a constant vigil against the evils of the democrat party, because so much is at stake. The very lives of the American citizens are at risk.

Evil ideas and intentions are very dangerous when it’s supported by dishonest businesses, citizens and organizations that just want to be on the right side of public opinion, hoping to save a few more precious dollars at the risk of their families safety and the future of the nation. When coupled with angry liberal democrat mobs and rioters by the democrat’s domestic terrorist groups Antifa and BLM committing random acts of violence against people that dared to oppose their Nazi democrat views, and actually killing members of the opposition, resulted in such atrocities, and the democrat led cities did nothing, just sat back while the terrorist groups Antifa and BLM did the democrats dirty work in the streets, suppressing dissenting opinions and trying to instill fear in the hearts and minds of anyone who dared speak out against the treacherous liberal Nazi democrat party.

The democrats and the media always hide the truth from people by not reporting the crimes committed by democrats and their supporting terrorist groups Antifa and BLM. They try and suppress all their dirty deeds, and make up lies and fabricate stories about the opposition party, just as Adolph Hitler and the Nazi party did in Germany not too long ago. When you control the media, then it gets very dangerous for a free nation. The mainstream media refused to show all the violent and despicable acts committed by the democrat’s domestic terrorist groups, Antifa and BLM, and just cherry picked a few quite demonstrators, like nothing was ever wrong.

When a block or two away, terrorist acts are being committed they media wouldn’t turn their cameras on it, they just hid it and gave cover to the terrorist democrats. Cities were totally destroyed, innocent people were beaten, or shot to death, they barricaded police officers in a police station then set it on fire hoping to burn them alive, but the media covered it up so the public wouldn’t be aware of the atrocities being committed by the domestic terrorist groups Antifa and BLM in support of the democrats push for power.

It’s a well known fact, that people who refuse to learn from past mistakes are doomed to repeat them and suffer the same fate as their predecessors. Every great nation has it’s day, then it declines, because of the decay of the society’s moral fabric. The terrorist democrat party has been destroying the moral fabric of America for decades, slowly inch by inch. Pick any world power in history and look and see what happened to them.

They slowly crumbled after immorality and greed for power such as the democrats lust for, and it simply destroys a nation by division. They offer people unattainable goals like free money, free everything, tricking the ignorant young in our society into falling for their false promises. The only goal the democrat party has to offer America, is its destruction. We can only hope the citizens of this great nation will wake up and realize what they’ve done by giving power to such an evil regime as the democrat party. Only time will tell.

And, if you think the Wuhan Virus or Covid 19 panic in an election year right after three failed coup attempts by the Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America against President Trump was a coincidence, you may be dumb as a rock. From now on forward it’s the delta, lima, zulu…whatever science variant. It’s what allowed the election fraud to succeed in the first place and will continue unabated. 

Lastly, please remember to riot peacefully, loot responsibly, murder respectfully, beat your wife with love, neglect your children with care, treat rapist with kindness and racist with acceptance. After all, it’s something the Jackass Party is all about.

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