Afghanistan Liberation

Thanks to all the Moozlim toddler’s crying out “Insha’Allah”, in a little over one week’s time, the Taliban has completed the liberation of Afghanistan by entering the capital city of Kabul. Afghan Forces have abandoned the field at Kabul International Airport.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has relinquished power and fled the country after assuring citizens of their safety in the face of a Taliban takeover.

After sacrificing an entire generation of brave, patriotic young American soldiers and wasting trillions of taxpayers resources in the sandy desert money pits, it seems Afghanistan has now been liberated by Taliban freedom fighters.

In other words: a deeply conservative, traditionalist Islamic country seems to prefer a deeply conservative, traditionalist Islamic government.

Who would have thunked! This must be the first time in history Islamic conquering armies do such a thing.

Maybe Moozlim Caliph Barack Obama should have sent more Gays, Drag Queens and Transgenders to their kindergartens for Western education, or maybe we should have provided the Taliban with more stretchy garments for their pregnant female fighters. Maybe then they would have been in awe about the current state of Western civilization!

If only we could find some sort of common denominator, something to explain why Afghanistan and Iraq are so difficult to turn into Nancy Pelosi’s beloved San Francisco.

What a mystery! Ivy League professors will debate this for many years to come!

Usually when I say to my friends “I could see it coming,” it’s for much more near-term events. Regarding Afghanistan, I’ve been saying it for 21 years.

Long live Afghanistan and the Taliban Freedom Fighters.

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