Multicultural AI Goons

The age of human efforts is over. Now comes the age of the AI goons.

In a bid to better multi-ethnicize and multi-culturalize the intelligence community, the CIA has come up with a new plan that will allow the agency to meet its diversity quotas to the smallest percentage point and remain flexible in the face of any future adjustments. According to the new plan, the CIA offices will now be staffed by multi-cultural goons instead of agents, while the actual work will be done by artificial intelligence (AI) and Chinese back-office staffers.

The advantages are self-evident. First of all, some teams are just too small to fully accommodate their diversity quota. Thus, a team monitoring Chinese takeover of American universities may consist of four persons: two blind men, one deaf woman, and a liaison officer kindly provided by the CCP. With just four operatives it is impossible to get to the mandated 13.7% handicapped female, 58.2% Muslim, 96.5% POC, 83.7% Transsexual, 0.6% Zulu, 5.9% Pacific-Islander, and so on.

By using human goons, the diversity of even the smallest team can be adjusted to the quota of the day. If the government, peace be upon it, decides that an intelligence team needs to consist of 29% half-wits or 65% morbidly obese, it can just fill up their quota with “half-wits” or “obese” goons until the right concentration is reached.

The quota percentages for “half-wits” and morbidly “obese” are already being applied in “Fraud-In-Chief” Biden’s federal government, except of course for Biden himself, the token “white” male hired to meet some archaic diversity standard to be repealed as soon as President Kamala “Ho” Harris takes over.

Until that glorious day, “Fraud-In-Chief” has no real authority, we just dress him up and wheel him out when the A.F.G.E. union goons come around counting faces of color and genders of many.

Once the agency finds a way to de-contaminate all traces of “white” goons, this new system will get a green light to be implemented in all other government agencies.

What a “progressive” idea! They can even take the desired CIA agents and fill them with the right mix of the human goons, like sausages. The quota is met precisely to the most current standard, while their identities will remain appropriately classified since nobody wants to know how sausage is made anyway, except the guy in the video below.

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