Reparations Revolution

“Slavery” is as old as mankind and it still thrives mainly in Africa and Asia. If you’re alive today, there’s a high likelihood that you have slaves in your ancestry. Should you get “back pay” for your ancestors’ labor? Toiling in the fields? Or building pyramids? Or castles? Or aqueducts?

No, because slavery was a solid norm until the “Age of Enlightenment.” If we accept the current notion of reparations, we must look at the past through the lens of the present’s frantic and constantly mutable leftist controversies. And where do we begin looking for victims? 3,000 years ago? 1,000 years ago?

No, we only start with the year 1619 in one British colony in America because—despite millennia of worldwide slavery—the radical left wants to “condemn” only America for slavery even though America was not an independent nation until 1776.

Now the U.N. (Uninvited Notions) wants to extend the blame to all formerly colonizing (White) nations, narrow the victims of slavery to only those of African descent, and fund Marxist BLM and similar groups to ensure that those of us who never owned slaves pay those of them who were never enslaved in order to bring about justice or something.

But note that it isn’t justice for all because there was a lots of slavery going on long before 1619 and it’s still happening. Why not go all the way back to ancient Persia and China? To Rome and Carthage and Egypt and Arabia? Why not condemn aboriginal Americans for their practice of slavery? Why not concentrate on current slavery?

Because this isn’t really about slavery, it’s about Marxism disguised as “black liberation” and it’s about redistribution of “wealth” from Whites to Blacks in order to bring about equity (equality of outcome). It would also bring about the end of Western civilization, which fits well with the U.N.’s Agenda 2030.

One Black billionaire’s call for a 14 trillion dollar reparation plan breaks down to about $500,000 per black American, and it doesn’t matter whether they’re descended from slaves if one accepts the pretense that all Blacks today are suffering from the effects of past transgressions by Whites.

It also doesn’t matter that most non-BIPOC people aren’t privileged enough to possess even a fraction of $500,000, so forget about any true “equity.”

It looks as if U.N. Human Rights Council Chief Michelle Bachelet got “blacked” by the Marxist BLM lies, but there’s a bright side: “the U.N. is one of the most useless and powerless organizations in the history of the world.”

Reparations for something that was once legal are the reintroduction of ex post facto law. Once the legal premise of ex post facto law is made a legal precedent there will be no such thing as law as such. All law will be built on a “quicksand of anarchy.” That’s why ex post facto law is unconstitutional.

But if you don’t call ex post facto law ex post facto law the basic legal premise has a chance to become legal precedent. You just pretend it isn’t ex post facto law. And then the magic really happens. Once they can establish the legal premise as a precedent there is no law, only dictatorship and dictates.

There’s a lot more than meets the eye here. The issue is never the issue, the “revolution is the issue.”

U.N. Rights Chief Demands Reparations for Slavery, Colonial Rule, and Racism

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