Independence Day

Why is July 4th suddenly scandalous? What’s with toppling our history and destroy our liberty?

July is a month of anniversaries in America. On July 4, we celebrates its independence from Great Britain. For most countries, national holidays are times of celebration. But this year, Independence Day has never been more controversial.

Here are some headlines published by major media outlets ahead of this year’s Independence Day:

“The Willful Self-Delusion of American Independence Day” (Nation),

“A Fourth of July Symbol of Unity That May No Longer Unite” (New York Times),

“The Culture War Has a New Target: Independence Day” (19FortyFive),

“Squad Member Says Fourth of July Is About Freedom for White People” (Washington Examiner).

National Geographic posted on social media that air pollution from Fourth of July fireworks displays “disproportionately” affects the health of “vulnerable people and communities of color.” Radical leftists are changing July 4 from a celebration that brings Americans together to an opportunity to say America was racist from its birth and should not be celebrated.

One of the main organizations responsible for preserving American history, the United States National Archives and Records Administration, declared in an April 10 report that it is, itself, racist. The report suggested that the administration “re-imaging the Rotunda,” the main public room in the National Archives Building in Washington, D.C., visited by many tourists each year.

It displays some of the most precious treasures of American heritage, including the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The walls are decorated with the Faulkner Murals, painted between 1935 and 1936, portraying allegorical scenes of the Founding Fathers. All of this, according to the report, is offensive. America’s founding history needs “re imagining.”

The report calls for adding “labels to one of the Rotunda cases addressing the lack of representation and predominant focus on the men who framed the founding documents.” It also calls for “planning for a new Rotunda exhibit that explores the roles of women, enslaved Africans and Indigenous Americans in the founding of the United States along with contemporary views on the men who framed the founding documents and their participation in and positions on slavery.”

Documents like the Constitution and the Bill of Rights enabled the U.S. to become an astonishingly free society for all races. Men like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were the architects of those documents. Yet a movement is gathering strength that twists the best parts of American history into some of the world’s greatest evils.

Where does this irrational hatred come from that despises the history and existence of America and the best aspects of society?

America descended from the ancient Israelites. The birth of the United States on July 4, 1776, directly fulfilled God’s promise to the patriarch Abraham that He would make his descendants into “a great nation.” The U.S. is (was) the mightiest, wealthiest and the freest nation in world history.

Whether we realize it or not, people who attack the very existence and fundamental principles of America are attacking the plan of God. “There is an unseen reason why troubles are intensifying as never before. You cannot understand events without recognizing this truth. It has affected the United States in a massive way. It is an assault by an invisible force, a force that is very real and deadly dangerous.”

Attacks on the good aspects of American history seem bizarre indeed, until you understand “God’s plan.”

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