Covid Misinformation

Covid Misinformation
By Steve Jalsevac, LifeSiteNews

There are exceptional articles today and recently that we must draw your attention to. The COVID and COVID vaccines issues have been the subject of the greatest international propaganda campaigns in all of history. Never has there been so much misinformation, lies, deception and withholding of crucial information from the world’s public as we have seen over the past approximately 14 months. It is so all-pervasive that it is incredibly difficult for most of the public to believe the actual truth on these matters.

All of it is directed to herding the entire world population into accepting the COVID vaccines and vaccine passports and later digital records of vaccination as supposedly being necessary, even if you are in the very large categories of persons who are under no significant risk whatever from COVID. That would include the young and everyone who has been infected and recovered from COVID – which would by now be hundreds of millions in the world. And the purpose of these records of vaccination, which will rapidly expand into records of other behaviors, is to establish a New World Order of control over all facets of life by a small group of extremely powerful and wealthy secular elites.

LifeSite is in the unenviable position of publishing numerous articles that don’t seem believable now to a majority of the public, including a large percentage of pro-life, pro-family and Christian individuals who are frequently exposed to television, radio, newspapers and other mainstream news services, and exposed to almost all institutional information sources such as schools, universities, government institutions and even central and local Church institutions. Never since our founding in 1997 have we felt so isolated and in such a tiny category of news services who are presenting information that is without any question valid and verified, but which is not accepted because truth is no longer considered as important as is consensus and what everyone else feels and believes. We are in an emotional explosion of fear and anxiety being the basis of many crucial decisions – not facts, real science, real medicine, law, the constitution, God, tradition.

You and your family absolutely MUST watch Tucker Carlson’s full interview with the renowned Dr. Peter McCullough. It is the most convincing, revealing, and important video that I have ever seen about COVID. There is more greatly needed truth packed into those 45 minutes than you would find in perhaps 100 articles in the mainstream media – if at all.

This is an interview that you CAN give to friends, relatives and others who have been giving you a hard time about what you may have been telling them about what you have been reading in LifeSite. McCullough is highly professional, cautious, reasonable, respectful, and aware that he needs to present his evidence in the most convincing and believable manner.

Canadian Dr. Patrick Phillips masterfully presents the case that the medical establishment is in a giant free fall of ethics as a result of the COVID response. This, too, is a must-read. This is another heroic physician who deeply cares about what is happening to the public today.

A New York Times reporter reveals and regrets the terrible bias in COVID reporting by himself and numerous other news media personalities since the beginning of the COVID panic. It is good to see that some reporters are finally realizing the great harm they have caused themselves and others by following the mob without thinking about what they were doing.

The UK’s Nigel Farage unabashedly warns that the Judeo-Christian West is under grave threat from China, Marxism and their cancel culture.

America’s Frontline Doctors are taking legal action to try to stop the insane and criminal attempt to vaccinate children with COVID vaccines. There is far more danger from the vaccines than from the virus for all children. They have a near 100 percent recovery rate from infection, usually experience no symptoms and do NOT pass on the virus to others. Then why is this being done? Why are parents recklessly permitting their children to receive these vaccines? Television, radio and newspaper news? Their family doctor? Their schools? Turn off the TV and the radio news. Tell the doctors, teachers and principals to mind their own business.  

Along the same lines, former U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) COVID-19 adviser Dr. Paul Alexander is warning that children’s risk of harm from the COVID-19 vaccines is significantly greater than their risk of harm from the virus.

Joel S. Hirschhorn explains why it is not easy to reject COVID vaccination. He understands. But he also explains why you MUST not succumb to this immoral, unethical, truly unprecedented in history pressure for a virus that has an extremely high recovery rate for almost every category of the public. Read what he has to say. Pass it on to others.

COVID vaccines may not work on millions who have underlying conditions, yet the CDC continues to recommend they get the shot. Why? Children’s Heath Defense explains why everyone should be asking this question and yet far too few do ask. Why are people behaving so mindlessly like sheep?

160+ genuine medical experts, far more informed than most of the public health mandarins directing government COVID programs, slam COVID vaccines as “unnecessary, ineffective and unsafe” in a powerful letter they just released. Please trust these people. They have nothing to gain and much to lose from taking this controversial public position.

Who is this man Bill Gates, who is perhaps the leading promoter and financier of all the COVID vaccines? Read the incredible article by Michael Haynes. Set aside the time to watch the amazing Corbett Report video on Gates. It “will blow your mind” – as we used to say in the 60s. Understanding Bill Gates is key to understanding much of what is going on today. You will not read any of this information in the regular media.

Lastly, if you have not done so, read the exceptional investigative report by our Patrick Delaney on the COVID situation in India. You may have seen and read all sorts of news about the current India situation. I guarantee you that NONE of them will have reported what Patrick has discovered. Almost all of the reporting on India has been junk news. It is propaganda and lies to generate more fear and anxiety and especially more acceptance of the vaccines. I suggest Patrick’s article is likely the very best on the current India COVID situation published anywhere in the world.

We have been publishing more exceptional, unique reports in recent days than I can ever recall since John-Henry and I started LifeSite almost 25 years ago. The above are only a few of many such reports over the past few weeks. If read, these make you the best-informed news readers on the planet on the issues that we cover, and I say that with full confidence.

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