Marxist Pope Francis

So, why doesn’t this Marxist Pope tear down the 20-foot wall surrounding the Vatican?

Pope Francis calls for “no more walls” and encourages mass immigration from Africa and the Middle East to the West. He said the Church of today is called to “widen her tent to embrace everyone,” especially illegal immigrants and foreigners.

We are “called to work together so that there will be no more walls that separate us, no longer others, but only a single ‘we,’ encompassing all of humanity,” the pontiff said in his Message for the 2021 World Day of Migrants and Refugees, which will be celebrated next September 26.

We must “make every effort to break down the walls that separate us and, in acknowledging our profound interconnection, build bridges that foster a culture of encounter,” the pope said. “Today’s migration movements offer an opportunity for us to overcome our fears and let ourselves be enriched by the diversity of each person’s gifts.”

“Then, if we so desire, we can transform borders into privileged places of encounter, where the miracle of an ever wider ‘we’ can come about,” he added.

The pope said that Catholics, in particular, have the chance to grow in their faith by welcoming people different from themselves (especially the ones that will kill them if they don’t leave Christianity and accept Islam?).

“In encountering the diversity of foreigners, migrants and refugees, and in the intercultural dialogue that can emerge from this encounter, we have an opportunity to grow as Church and to enrich one another,” he said.

The unity of the human race “is broken and fragmented, wounded and disfigured,” Francis said, due in large part to nationalism and individualism.

“Our ‘we,’ both in the wider world and within the Church, is crumbling and cracking due to myopic and aggressive forms of nationalism and radical individualism,” he said. “And the highest price is being paid by those who most easily become viewed as others: foreigners, migrants, the marginalized, those living on the existential peripheries.”

“Among those dwelling in those existential peripheries, we find many migrants and refugees, displaced persons and victims of trafficking, to whom the Lord wants his love to be manifested and his salvation preached,” he added.

The pope also said that the current influx of migrants in many parts of the world “can be seen as a new ‘frontier’ for mission, a privileged opportunity to proclaim Jesus Christ and the Gospel message.”

By welcoming migrants, our societies “will have a ‘colorful’ future, enriched by diversity and by cultural exchanges,” he said.

In his boldest proposal, the pope called for “a commitment that makes no distinction between natives and foreigners, between residents and guests, since it is a matter of a treasure we hold in common, from whose care and benefits no one should be excluded.”

“We are called to dream together, fearlessly, as a single human family, as companions on the same journey, as sons and daughters of the same earth that is our common home, sisters and brothers all,” he concluded.

Just like designated terrorist group CAIR, Pope Francis claims that Islamic terrorism has “nothing to do with Islam.”

Japan’s brilliant smack down of the Marxist Pope and his globalist mass Muslim migration agenda.

Pope Francis certainly picked the wrong country in which to demand that it open its borders to mass Muslim immigration. Unlike Europe and other nations in the West, Japan has its eyes wide open to the negative impact (terror attacks/welfare-dependency/soaring crime & rape stats) that Islam and its followers have brought to the rest of the world.

And the Japanese aren’t having any of it. Japan has offered zero resettlement places for refugees from Syria, according to Amnesty International, although the Japan Association for Refugees says three were granted refugee status in 2013.

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