Europe in 2029

Remember when YouTube banned the video “Europe in 2029” when it first came out in 2009?

We are only about halfway to 2029, but much of Western Europe is already starting to look like this.

The Eastern bloc of Europe – Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic – don’t have this problem because they have not allowed themselves to be flooded with Muslim invaders.

In fact, they have totally rejected the Muslim “refugee” quotas set for them by the European Union…but do take in persecuted Christians from Muslim countries.

Get used to it and enjoy. That is what the politics are giving us and it is what they want for us. Many of us have been say this since the beginning of the EU formation.

Europeans are losing all and have to pay for their own extermination. The only thing left is to fight until extinction and to take as many as possible with us. Sad but true.

Qua Vadis Europa.

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