DuckDuckGo Privacy Weekly

DuckDuckGo Privacy Weekly For Mar 25, 2021

Google Fails to Quash Incognito Mode User Tracking, Privacy Lawsuit []
In trying to kill a class action lawsuit, Google admits Incognito mode was never meant to actually protect your privacy: “websites might be able to collect information about your browsing activity during your session”. The problem is the name itself is inherently misleading.

Hacked Surveillance Camera Firm Shows Staggering Scale of Facial Recognition []
“K-12 schools, private residences marked as condos, shopping malls, credit unions…” – 24K businesses were found using Verkada’s facial recognition cameras. This invasive, widespread tech urgently needs regulation.

Reclaim Your Face []
Are you an EU citizen? Sign the petition to ban biometric mass surveillance practices. “The combination of biometric data and mass surveillance results in an unlawful practice that unfairly treats everyone like a suspect.” (Note: You may need to provide your social security number.)

Internet Advocates Call on ISPs to Commit to Basic User Privacy Protections []
ISPs are failing to provide basic user privacy, says EFF: “Our open letter calls on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon to publish a privacy notice for their DNS service that commits to deleting data within 24 hours, and to only using data for providing the service.”

Attorney General Becerra Announces Approval of Additional Regulations That Empower Data Privacy Under the California Consumer Privacy Act []
California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) updates were approved into law earlier this month, making it easier for consumers to opt-out of invasive tracking and banning misleading dark patterns.

DuckDuckGo’s resident privacy-themed parody duo, Daniel Davis and Holly Habstritt Gaal, strikes with another instant hit, produced completely remotely! Can you guess which big and reckless company with a long list of class action lawsuits this song is about? Have a listen [].

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