Chinese Wearing Blackface

China’s ruling Communist Party tries to promote an image of “unity” with African nations as fellow developing economies.

But state broadcaster “China Central Television” (CCTV) has faced huge criticism over using “blackface” to depict African people in “Lunar New Year” broadcasts.

Yellow is no longer vogue.

Gracious me! Chinese people wearing blackface! That’s offensive in just so many ways.

At least this year they didn’t have any monkeys in the sketch.

That’s mighty progressive of them. But then, it is the year of the “Bull”, it won’t be the monkey’s year again for quite a while.

The Chinese are very busy in Africa, building railroads and the like. If I were the people of Africa I would be quite “wary” of my new “yellow” friends in Beijing.

If Africans still blame Americans for the “sins of our fathers” over 200 years ago they’re really going to “hate” what “China’s Communistic Party” (CCP) has in mind for them in this century.

Chinese TV’s Lunar New Year gala features blackface performers
China’s CCTV Spring Festival Gala included a truly shameless Africa skit, featuring blackface

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